Oct 6, 2013

Recipe Review: Cranberry Orange Amazeballs

Cran Orange Amazeballs
Recipe by: The Fitnessista

I had great success last week involving a blogger recipe, so I decided to take on another that has piqued my interested for sometime now: amazeballs, made famous by Gina, otherwise known as The Fitnessista.

I've been looking for a filling and nutritious snack to eat throughout the day and amazeballs fit the bill: healthy fats, high in protein, and a hint of sweetness. Also, this particular flavor is citrus-y and if you know me, I'm all about the citrus.

To be honest, I was little afraid that I wouldn't like these because all I had on hand was my husband's peanut butter (the recipe calls for cashew butter, which I enjoy a lot more). I have a love/hate relationship with peanut butter; sometimes I crave it, but most of the time, I don't even enjoy the sight of it. Regardless, I figured I'd give the old food processor a whirl and then head out for cashew butter if I had to. But no need - these were incredible with the peanut butter!

Note: I did find mine a little hard to form into balls (maybe I did something wrong?), but I didn't mind and they were so tasty, they the mess was well worth it. I stuck the second batch in the fridge and they were easier to handle after an hour or so.

Final Verdict: Citrus friends, you will love this flavor and health-minded friends, you will love the fact that they are incredibly good for you. And yes, I will be making more of these. In fact, I already have made them twice since Brandon and I devoured this first batch. <-- Sign of a good recipe.

What is your hands-down favorite recipe from a blog?

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  1. Orange and cranberry is one of my favorite flavor pairings! I would've been a bit skeptical about the peanut butter working in that too, but glad to know it worked out in the end!

    My all-time favorite recipe from a blog (and I don't try very many of them since I'm selfish and only make my own stuff...ha!) are Christin's peanut butter chocolate chickpea "cookies"
    http://www.purplebirdblog.com/2011/05/15/and-now-for-baked-dessert-hummus-balls/. She doesn't blog anymore, but I made this recipe not long after she first posted it and have made it almost a dozen times since then...even putting my own little spins on it with a carrot cake version and a PB&J version. I know bean desserts aren't everyone's cup of tea, but I really liked these and always get a kick out of pulling one over on unsuspecting people! I took them to a cookout once and no one could guess the secret ingredient! :D


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