Oct 23, 2013


This post isn't asking for donations. I just wanted to share.

The video below completely wrecked me. Wish of a Lifetime is hands down my favorite nonprofit to support and after viewing their latest video project, I knew I've picked a great charity to give my extra dollars to. Their premise: grant wishes for the elderly and show them that we still care. That they are not a burden on society. That they should be celebrated and respected. And cherished.

My mom used to work in an assisted living home as a nurse. I'd visit her at work all the time because it not only allowed me to spend time with my mom, but because I'd get the chance to meet and chat with the residents. They had incredible stories to tell. Stories that should be told and retold. Instead, they sat day after day in their beds, some often with no visitors, no family, no friends. Even on Christmas Eve. Imagine seeing your roommate's family stop by everyday and yours never calling. Imagine how lonely you must feel.

Wish of a Lifetime is making huge strides in bringing respect to our finest generation of people. They do it through wish granting (paying for a adult to go see the Price is Right for instance - something my grandma always wanted to do and never did), trips for Veterans to visit the memorials in D.C. and through bringing families together again.

And through awareness. Such as this video. Like I said...it moved me like no other. Hopefully it does the same for you. Again, just felt like I had to share.

Start Seeing Seniors...#WishConnect from Wish of a Lifetime on Vimeo.

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