Oct 22, 2013

Just Pick One


My relationship with working out needs some serious help. It's been a roller coaster ride the past two years and consistency has been virtually nonexistent.

But now, I'm back and ready to mend this relationship for the sake of my sanity during stressful times. However, whenever I hop back on the wagon, I never know where to start. So I seek information and see what everyone else is doing.

And the more information I read, the more confused and overwhelmed I become. Here's what my "research" (i.e. Google) tells me:
  1. You need to do cardio, because that's good for your endurance.
  2. But don't ignore strength training, because that's super important, too.
  3. Yoga will help stretch your muscles and make you less prone to injury. Can't skip that.
  4. HIIT will help you become faster and create lean muscle. Better incorporate that if you want to see results.
  5. Circuit workouts make you lean all over and don't forget burpees - they'll make you ripped.
You see where I'm going with this? All the above are important, but unless you work out for your job or you have the luxury of not having any other responsibilities during your day (whoever you are, let me know how you accomplish this), fitting in all of these workouts in one week is insane.

So I've stopped trying be Miss SuperFit and lift the heaviest, run the fastest and rock handstand push ups. That's unrealistic. I decided to just pick one goal.

My one goal: train for a 5k. I'm not going to train for a super fast 5k, but I want to run one, a whole one, at a steady pace that doesn't make me gasp for breath afterwards. Just run 3.10 miles without stopping.

Once I reach this goal, I'll choose another. Maybe I'll do more strength training. Maybe I will get in crow pose and hold it without falling on my face.

I think we complicate working out too much, to the point that it becomes stressful when you aren't doing everything you see everyone else doing. In my humble opinion, it's okay to start slow and focus on just one thing. So that's what I'm doing: keeping it simple.

Do you ever get caught up in trying to accomplish five fitness goals at once?

1 comment:

  1. I used to have a really hard time with this back when I was constantly comparing myself to others, but after a little "spring cleanup" involving my Instagram account, I can actually say that I don't even think about what others do much anymore...well, until I get pissy that I'm still so limited in mobility with my knee. But back when I was actually able to do what I wanted to do WITHOUT pain, I would actually mix everything up during the week...cardio a couple of days, strength training a couple of days (I actually like doing circuit workouts with my strength training...gets the workout done faster and keeps your heart rate up!), and yoga for one day...it definitely helped keep things interesting so I wasn't getting bored with my workouts!


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