Sep 21, 2013

New York City Attractions

Now that you've drooled over our New York City eats, I thought I might share some of the activities and sights we took in on the trip. On our previous trips to NYC; we did the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Staten Island Ferry, Times Square, Rockefeller Center. Rather than repeat these, we expanded our horizons and turned to Yelp of course.

Note: I left my DSLR at home and really regret it. My Canon S90 didn't do some of these places justice. Won't happen again.

On our first night, we walked to Highline Park, which was conveniently located in Chelsea, where we were staying. We went after dark and I definitely recommend it over going during the day. You get great views of the city lights and it wasn't too crowded either.

High Line

The park is more or less a walking trail that was created just a few years ago above an old railroad line (which you can still see in some parts). It was dimly lit at night and full of art students and readers. Such a lovely September evening.

High Line View

While not quite an attraction, we decided to venture up to the Upper West and East Sides and explore the neighborhoods. I always said that if I happened to move to NYC, I'd want to be in the Upper West Side, which may be 100% due to the fact that You've Got Mail is one of my favorite movies. It's very quiet, laid-back, and almost has a hippy vibe to it. We stopped by a bakery and just sat on a bench for a while, eating our coffee cake and just taking it in.

Upper West Side -2

After some time spent in Central Park, we headed to the Natural History Museum (Brandon's work badge scored us two free tickets. Thanks, Google!).

Natural History Museum Entrance

Though honestly, not worth your time, friends. I've been to the one in D.C. and that's where it's at. This one, pretty meh. A lot of the exhibits were old and falling apart. So sad.

Meanwhile, over on Upper East Side...

Upper East Side

I did a little shopping (H&M is everywhere) and after grabbing lunch, we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. On the days I had to work, Brandon explored this museum from open to close. He was clearly obsessed and he didn't mind going a third time to show me around either.

The Met Entrance

So much to look at. We spent a few hours in there and didn't even come close to seeing everything.

Some highlights...

The Egyptian exhibits.

The Met Egyptian - 1

The Met - Maria

I  also loved the American History section and I even found some pottery that was procured from my hometown! So cool!

The Met - Strasburg Piece -1

Strasburg, Virginia represent.

The Pacific Island exhibits were pretty interesting as well.

The Met - 5

The Met - Van Gogh - 2

Me: "Hey, that's the painting from my MacBook!"
Brandon: *major side eye*

So yes, The Met is worth it and we were happy we finally got to check that one off our list. The rest of the trip was idle time spent in Central Park or just out walking around. It was quite possibly my favorite trip to the City just because we took our time and didn't feel the need to rush and get everything in. We enjoyed New York in the way I think it's meant to be enjoyed.

Pond in Central Park - 2


  1. Your pics are looking FABULOUS these days!!!

  2. Oh why thank you, especially since these were with my crappy Canon S90. I will never leave my DSLR at home again :)

  3. We loved the Met! And Central Park! Actually, funny story... Christopher especially loved Central Park. Once we got into the park a good bit and away from most of the hustle and bustle Christopher took a deep breath and then looked at me and said, "I finally feel like I can breathe again. I didn't realize it until just now, but I don't think I've taken a full breath since we got to NYC." Poor guy! He grew up in the country and we currently live in a neighborhood on the edge of Memphis (away from downtown) so big cities have never been his norm. And then there was me. I was giddy over being back in a big city again. But after living in our neighborhood for 7 years I've come to realize that we are neighborhood people now. Living 15 minutes away from all the major arts/zoo/city things and having all the essentials (good coffee, Target, grocery stores, parks) within 2-5 minutes is more our speed these days. ;) Also, I am so excited to go read your NYC eats post! There are SO many restaurants so I doubt we've eaten at the same ones, but maybe one of our favorites was one of your favorites! :)


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