Sep 15, 2013

New York City Eats

Oh man does it feel good to be home. Don't me wrong, I love travel and I loved visiting Seattle and New York, but there is nothing quite like your own bed, your own bathroom and a normal schedule. I also may or may not have spent a ridiculous amount of time frolicking through Whole Foods yesterday grabbing up every vegetable in sight. Who am I?

Speaking of food, I typically do my travel posts in two parts: (1) hotel and food (2) activities and sight-seeing. Since our hotel in NYC was far from luxurious, we'll skip right over that little detail and get down to business.

We were in city for six days, so I'm not going to cover everything, but I will mention the highlights.


Capizzi Collage

Yelp lead us to Capizzi in Hell's Kitchen for authentic NYC pizza. It's a tiny restaurant that is very adorable inside, with just six or so tables and a giant fire wood pizza oven in the back. So very cozy. We were hungry and indecisive, so we each ordered a 12" pizza: pepperoni and sausage for Brandon and margharita for me. Crispy crust and just the right amount of cheese and sauce. The pepperoni was handcut and a little spicy, which we loved. We finished things off with tiramisu and practically licked the plate clean.

Also, I am a sucker for Diet Coke in bottles, which seems to be all the rage these days (almost all restaurants we went to were serving these). So much for that no diet soda thing.

Maria at Capizzi Pizza
Feed me pizza, please.


Chelsea Market Tacos Collage

Say what? I know, NYC is not well-known for its taco scene, but there's a little hidden gem in Chelsea Market, behind the spice shop, called Los Tacos No. 1. They serve street tacos wrapped in paper and offer a variety of salsas. We each tried a chicken and steak taco and our taste buds about exploded. Brandon liked these so much that he went back the next day while I was working and ordered four more. While both were great, the steak ones were our favorite. And they even come with a creamy guacamole on top, which I normally don't like, but enjoyed on these.

Cream Puffs

Beard Papas Collage

On Friday night, I worked ... oh about 13 hours ... and came home exhausted to find a box of cream puffs on my bed (there seems to be this theme in NYC where all of our hotels give us two small beds. This happened last year too. Happy Anniversary!). Brandon walked 50 blocks to get me cream puffs. I love that man.

So at 11pm at night, we feasted on Beard Papa's cream puffs. Just looking at these makes me drool. We both agreed that the original ones (without the chocolate) were better. Beard Papa's is a chain, so you might have one near you! While we try to avoid chains in new cities, we'll make exceptions for cream puffs.


Bite Collage

I'm a sandwich person. I could eat a sandwich for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, everything single day and be totally content. So naturally, we researched Yelp for the best sandwich in NY. Our quest ended at Bite at their 14th Street location. Just like Capizzi, Bite was not only serving up good food, but a great ambiance. It's definitely a hole in the wall joint with a couple tables, hippy-inspired artwork and a live performer singing acoustic versions of "I'm a Barbie Girl". I kid you not.

I don't discriminate when it comes to sandwiches, but I have a particular fondness for paninis. So I ordered a chicken pesto panini with a bag of BBQ chips. Perfection. Brandon and I shared the Vegetarian Morrocan Cigars, which were incredible. They were filled with a black bean paste and had a ton of flavor, perhaps due to the fact that they were deep fried. You only live once.

The Fancy Anniversary Dinner

Blue Hill Sign

My business trip to NYC fell on a great weekend, the weekend of our 2 year wedding anniversary! Brandon told me to pick wherever I wanted to eat and after a little research, we made reservations at Blue Hill, a farm-to-table restaurant in Greenwich Village. Last year when I was in NYC for business (with my old company), I actually got to visit Blue Hill Farms in Tarrytown NY. While there, I toured the farm, saw the free-range animals enjoying the fall weather and tasted fruits and vegetables right from the source...making this an easy choice.

Since Blue Hill is fancy pants (Obama and The First Lady dined here recently), I didn't break out my camera or phone, so you'll have to trust me when I say that the food was beautiful and amazing. We shared The Morning Egg, Five Bean Salad, Free-Range chicken, and a variety of desserts. The waiter knocked Brandon in the head with a plate, so we even got free dessert wine! Since he doesn't drink, I happily sipped both glasses and slept like a baby that night. You wine people are onto something...

So that's our food tour of NYC. Plenty of Shake Shack was consumed as well, as evidenced by my Instagram. Warning: they are changing the Shake Shack french fries to shoestring from crinkle cut and this makes me sad. The crinkle cut fries are so much better! Travesty.

I'll be back soon with all the activities and sight-seeing. Fun stuff!

Walk like an Egyptian

Been to NYC before? What was your favorite restaurant? 


  1. Awesome! :D

    I loved this place called 'Red Bamboo' in the village, right off of Washington square park!! It was all vegetarian/vegan and they had SO many options.. I usually only have one or two items on the menu to choose (if I'm lucky) so this place was heaven to me! ;)

    I can't wait to hear what else you guys did! Ah I love NYC... :)

  2. I love your dress!!! Where did you get it??
    I love eating in NYC. I could go there and just eat my way through.... It is so easy to eat there being GF b/c there are so many options.
    That was so sweet of Brandon to get you cream puffs. He's a keeper!

  3. My dress is from Max Studio (their outlet). In fact, all of my maxi dresses are Max Studio!

    Yes, they certainly offer something for everyone!

  4. Margharita is my go-to pizza choice when trying a new place! Yours looked delicious!

    "Brandon walked 50 blocks to get me cream puffs. I love that man." <-- you two are adorable. Love this!

    Oh! And Christopher will be delighted to hear that you like Shake Shack! We definitely ate there while in NYC and it was one of his favorites! :)


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