Sep 30, 2013


My new blog name!

See above. 

When I chose the name m.falls a few years ago, I wasn't feeling particularly creative (umm, that's my first initial, last name in case you haven't caught on) and just wanted to have a blog...about me and my life. And it served that purpose.

But last night, I thought, "Hey maybe I should have a slogan, like other blogs".  I brainstormed and played around with Google Drawing (which makes me pretend that I'm a real designer and satisfies my penchant for fonts).

I wanted to play off the fact that I love travel (hence the cardinal directions) and that I'm from and have a fondness for the South, now living on the West coast. One hour and one episode of Hart of Dixie later, I had a new name instead of a slogan.

If you've been a loyal follower since my Oh Healthy Day blog, then bless your little heart. This is like the 5th blog name I've gone through over the past few years. Thank you for reading and being my friend anyway.

Nothing else will be changing here, just the name. Same old content. Same old me.

Oh except the URL:

Please do me a favor and update your feed readers or you can click up there on the subscribe tab. 

Also note that I'm working with Blogher to change my ad over there, so things might look wonky until that's done. And I have a million links to change. 


  1. I totally guessed you were going making a joke along the lines of North West (Kim and Kanye's daughter) ;) Your explanation works much better. It looks great!


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