Aug 22, 2013

Life Lessons from Hart of Dixie

Has anyone watched the show Hart of Dixie? It's a new favorite of mine that Emma suggested I start watching (Season 1 is on Netflix Streaming, Season 2 you can buy from Amazon Video). She said this show would be right up my alley: The South, small towns, and really good clothes. Oh and she was right. This show (and those clothes), well, they are pretty fabulous. I've been averaging about 2-3 episodes a night and finished Season 1 in a week and a half. My mind is pondering who Zoe will choose...Wade or George. I a rooting for Wade. George is a great guy, but I've always had a soft spot for the underdog. Oh and can we talk about the name Lemon for a second. If I ever have a daughter...


One of the lessons the show has taught me is that we should all live a bit more simply. Get to know your neighbors. Have conversations that don't involve technology. Go fishing. And stop working so darn much. The simple life, while isn't easily obtained where I live, it is a good goal to strive for.

It may be a long time before we buy our dream home on the lake with the sunset views and 10 acres of land, but it doesn't mean that I can't make my simple life here and now. I've been trying to tell myself that whether that emailed gets answered tonight or tomorrow, it really doesn't matter. I have been really enjoying my down time and making it a priority in my day. I've been saying yes to evening walks and no to overtime. Yes analogue evenings and no to useless meetings that I don't have time for.

It's been five months since I started my new job and June and July were some of the most stressful times I've been through in a while. I had moments of "what did I get myself into?" and moments where I selfishly exclaimed that I missed being unemployed (which I understand makes me a brat), but I pushed through it and am now ready for a new chapter of just going with the flow and taking it easy. Stress, while brought on by outwardly things, for the most part is self-induced, particularly with my personality - which, if you think about it, is a good thing. It means I can control it. And that's what I'm doing now. Thanks for the reminder, Zoe Hart.


  1. I have never seen this. Sounds like my kind of show! I'm sorry it has been stressful for you! Praying for you dear friend! xoxo

  2. Oh my gosh. You'd love this show!

    And I feel your prayers - things are looking up!

  3. Amen!! I'm glad you enjoy the show so much!! :D Now I only wish I would've told you sooner!
    The show always helps me relax and get priorities in order as well! Simpler living is so much better..

  4. Let's pack our bags and move to Alabama. What do you say? :)


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