Aug 11, 2013

Home Is

I just got back from spending a week in Virginia to visit family, friends, and finally help my mom buy a new house. It hasn't really processed that I just said goodbye to the house I grew up in. Many people don't have the privilege to live in the same house in the same small friendly town their whole lives, but I am certainly thankful that I had that opportunity. I took photos of my room and paid a little extra attention to the mountain views from the kitchen window.

But if Pinterest has taught me anything other than how waste hours upon hours, home is where your mom is and I am very excited to make new memories in her new one, which, by the way, is gorgeous, cozy, and perfect for her.

Besides getting familiar with the terms earnest funds, APR, and closing costs during the week, I was able to see old friends, meet new ones (Maria is just about as charming and funny as you would imagine), take long morning walks with my mom's pup, Zoe. And a whole lot more. Will post about it soon, once I get the photos uploaded.

Now I'm back in California where an empty fridge, a clean house, and a sick husband await me (he was kind enough to deep clean this place while being sick - brownie points). My mom's meal planning reminded me that I can actually can and should eat more than TJ's veggie soup during the week, so I'm off to take a stab at that, finish unpacking, and nurse a cup of green tea.

Monday, you can just take your time getting here, okay?


  1. I'm so bummed I missed meeting you!! Maria is wonderful isn't she?! ;)

  2. Next time, my friend! I'll be in Virginia for about a week and a half during Christmas!

    Umm, yes. Ridiculously adorable.

  3. I so wish KY and VA were closer! I'm so glad that you got time with your family though. Miss you friend! xoxo

  4. Oh I know, right? Miss you too and I hope all is well :)

  5. I have been home about twice a month since moving and trips back in sight. Until Thanksgiving...which is a tad depressing. I don't know how you do it!!

  6. Dare I get used to it? Maybe that's not the right way to phrase it, but you more or less because accustomed to a new routine. It gets easier, I promise!


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