Aug 17, 2013

Country Roads...

Downtown Warrenton


Me and Oliver



Me and Carlos

Emma and Jayme

UVA Lawn


Signal Knob Mountain

(1) Downtown Warrenton - where I met Maria for long chats over sweet tea and shepard's pie
(2) Zoe - my mom's new puppy who is about as mischievous and ridiculously adorable as she looks
(3 & 4) Oliver - one of my good friends had her baby just in time for me to come visit and fall in love with his little hands, feet, and smile.
(5) A day trip to Charlottesville.
(6) Me and my little brother Carlos at The Citizen Burger Bar in DT Charlottesville.
(7) My sister from another mister, Emma and my brother Jayme.
(8) The lawn at UVa. Pretty? Yes. But I'm partial to Hokie Stone.
(9) Fun with my mom in Big Lots.
(10) Home.

Worth the ridiculous price of a cross-country flight. Worth the 5 hour red-eye with a crying baby - loaded diaper included - beside me. Worth coming back to 80+ emails in the black hole otherwise known as my work inbox.

To spend time with my family as we eat, laugh, play games, and reminisce (hilarious) stories from our be able to say to my mom "Goodnight, see you in the morning"...yup, totally worth all of that and then some.

See you at Christmas, Virginia!


  1. I'm so glad you had a wonderful trip!

  2. I'm so glad you had a great trip friend! You and your mom look so much alike! xoxo

  3. I'll tell her - it's a complement for both of us :)


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