Aug 26, 2013

Building a Basic Fall Wardrobe

Apparently the East Coast is going through some fall-like spells at the moment and people are starting to get pumpkin-crazy. I'm not ready for pumpkin-crazy yet. It's still August people. Calm yourselves.

But with dropping temps (though not here in California - bring on our famous Indian Summer!), it's time to start switching sundresses for jeans and flip flops for blats. Couple that with the fact that Brittany specifically requested that I post more about fashion and you've got yourself a fall fashion post.

I don't pretend to know a whole heck of a lot about fashion, but I do love clothes, so that's justification enough, right?

Building A Basic Fall Wardrobe
For those of you who don't really know where to start in the fashion scheme of things, this is for you. I'm all about the classic basics and then jazzing them up with fun accessories like statement necklaces, dangly earrings and printed scarves. I also believe that to look great, you don't need to shop in obscure boutiques and at high end department stores with brands you've never heard of and price tags that make you jump. I'm a fan of the chain stores for basics.

1) Classic cardigan. Find a cardigan that is fitted and in a jewel toned color - those are the ones that I tend to grab the most in the mornings (think emerald, plum, or royal blue). Also try to spend a little money here because the cheaper the cardigan, the faster it will wear out, pill, and lose its shape. I like J.Crew Factory ones and I've found some nice ones at Nordstrom as well (Theory brand).
Factory Clare Cardigan, J.Crew Factory, $35.50

2) Pencil skirt. It's a classic and can be easily dressed up for work with heels and dressed down with ballet flats and a fitted tee. Make sure it fits you well and hits at the right point on your leg. For myself and most shorties, I'd say around or slightly above the knee looks best. If you are taller, you can get away with the longer ones. Oh and always, always, always, tuck your shirt in.
Factory Pencil Skirt in Lightweight Wool, J.Crew Factory, $89.50

3) Pashmina Scarves. World Market is my favorite place to buy scarves. They have a great variety and the prices are very reasonable. Take this new pashmina infinity scarf - ten big ones. I love pairing a simple all black outfit with a scarf and calling it a day. So easy and put together.
Navy Infiniti Pashmina, World Market, $9.99

4) Fitted V-neck Tee. I have these fitted v necks in all basic colors; white, gray, and black. And I wear them all the time. They are great for under cardigans, tucking into a skirt, and pairing with a scarf. I used to be a huge fan of the ones from Target, but they stretched out a lot. These Gap Body ones, which I've blogged about countless times, are my favorite.
Pure Body V-neck, GAP, $9.99

5) Ballet Flats. This is kind of like a duh item on here. Who doesn't own a pair of blats? If you don't, high tail it to Target and try these. While I am partial to my Tieks since they are like walking on air, I do think that Target offers some great basics (though you have to break them in). I love a pair of nude, brown leather, or gray flats since they go with everything.
Ona Patent Scrunch Ballet Flat, Mossimo for Target, $16.99

6) Ankle Cropped Black Trousers. If there's anything on this list that is a must-have for me, it's a pair of cropped black pants. Audrey Hepburn would most likely agree. I have two pair of black trousers, ones that are cropped and one pair that are ankle-cropped (which are a bit longer), each with some stretch for comfort. For my statue, I love the ankle ones: these Winnie pants from J.Crew Factory. I get so much use out of these.
Factory Winnie Pant in Stretch Twill, J.Crew Factory, $64.50

Some would say this list is missing a great pair of tall brown boots, but as a short girl, I can't pull off boots in the way I'd like to. My calves are pretty muscular and well, short. So I stick to the ballet flats. I do hear good things about Frye boots and love these Melissa Back Zip ones.

So what's on your fall wardrobe must-have list?


  1. I really need to get a pencil skirt or two!! Great list :D

  2. Perfect list for fall. I need a grey pencil, and an emerald cardi. Can you please make all my shopping lists?


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