Jul 28, 2013

Pastries and Pizza in Yountville

Bouchon Bakery Collage

Yesterday we crossed the Golden Gate into Sonoma County with only two goals in mind: Bouchon Bakery and pizza at a family-owned restaurant called Ciccio. Now, I know most people venture into Napa Valley for the wine, but we are food people, not wine people, as evidenced below.

Our first stop, Bouchon Bakery in Yountville. We each chose a pastry and one to-go item for after dinner.

My choice: Cream Cheese Danish with Blueberry Filling

Cream cheese danish at Bouchon

Oh my. Though I profess my love for all things lemon on a daily basis, I never pass up a good cream cheese danish. And Bouchon delivered. Just look at the fluffiness and perfection.

His choice: A Classic Bouchon Yo Yo

Bouchon Pastries

I was clearly biased towards my danish and didn't snap many photos of Brandon's choice, but it too was incredible. Think Little Debbie's Swiss Cake roll done fancy. Really fancy. It was light, fluffy, and won Brandon over immediately. I heard nothing but how much this Yo Yo changed his life for the rest of the trip.

Our To-Go Choice: Dark Chocolate Toffee Bark

I may or may not have just posted the photo above of the bark and snuck into the kitchen to have a bite. I haven't even had breakfast yet. That really just speaks for itself. In fact, the word toffee always speaks for itself.


Just a mere hour later, we headed to Ciccio Pizza for dinner.

Ciccio in Yountville, CA

I will try to keep my words about this place short and sweet, but I could really ramble on forever about how incredible this restaurant is. Everything, from the building, the menus, the staff, the kitchen, the tableware...perfection. Brandon and I said numerous times that if we ever started a restaurant, this is the way we'd do it. Then we realized that we both don't know how to cook. Minor details.

I didn't snap many pics, but the decor alone is what won me over. Old fashioned soda machine, 1940's Victory Garden posters, retro cake stands, tin ceiling, white subway tile (be still my heart) and 1920's refrigerators.

Ciccio Menu

Let's count how many times I say adorable in the rest of this post.

I mean come on, that menu, that silverware: adorable.

Diet Coke at Ciccio

I ordered a Diet Coke after seeing that they come in little bottles served with a polka dot glass over crushed ice with a paper straw. Now, I'm not big on paper straws, but Diet Coke over crushed ice is all sorts of amazing. Diet Coke over cubed ice: meh. The crushed ice takes it to the next level. I will digress now. You're welcome.

Ciccio's Goat Cheese and Pepper Bruschetta

Our appetizer (if you don't count Bouchon as appetizers) was the bruschetta with goat cheese, arugula and roasted peppers. I never understood other people's fascination with goat cheese and I know I do. Delicious.

Ciccio's Margharita Pizza

I think the true test of a pizza joint is to order their simplest pizza so you can really taste the crust, sauce and cheese, so the margharita was an easy choice. And oh man, what a choice. The fresh mozzarella, the crispy (outside) and gooey (inside) crust. The tomato sauce was incredibly fresh and flavorful. Perfection. I wish we had leftovers.

And since we obviously hadn't had enough sweets for the day:

Ciccio's Tiramisu

Tiramisu. We had no trouble polishing this off immediately.

We wobbled out of the restaurant and decided to head to the outlet mall (Yountville shopping isn't the greatest and everything was closed), where we walked off dinner and I bought some work pants, a necklace, a cardigan (duh), and two maxi dresses that need about foot hemmed off of them.

In other words: a successful and fulfilling day trip.

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