Jul 13, 2013

Life Made Easy

I know I sound like a broken record, but it has been a week. Phew. Life has been busy and exhilarating and far from boring. Right now I have legs to foam roll, a toilet to scrub, a pile of dirty laundry and an empty refrigerator, but instead, I am writing on my little blog because, you know, priorities.

And sharing with you some of my new favorite life-made-simpler products definitely takes precedent over mundane weekend chores any day. Note to self, must sign up for Hipster Maid. Only in Silicon Valley can you hire cleaners dressed like hipsters.

I share the following items not because they pay me, but because I really like talking about my favorite things. And the husband doesn't give a rat's bottom about my giddiness over new products, so I need someone who mildly cares about my finds. Humor me.

Life Made Easy

1. Tieks. I know I have waxed poetic about these blats again and again, but I cannot help it. I had my company's event on Thursday and as one of the event planners, I was on my feet literally all day. I had 18K steps on my FitBit to prove it. I really don't think my feet could have been more comfortable. And they were chic enough to look cute when I simply had enough of my heels for the night. Best investment shoes, ever.

2. Rubbermaid Produce Savers. We try our very best to eat up our produce before it goes bad, but more than often, the spinach, lettuce and other greens quickly wilt up and go into the garbage. Since I have to buy at least three more pairs of Tieks, I simply cannot afford to waste produce like that. It's shameful. These containers have literally kept one bag of spinach good for a week and a half. No chemicals. No preservatives. Easy.

3. Baggu. These are not just your typical reusable bags that you pick up from the grocery store. Like so many others, I always forget my bags and living in a city where plastic bags are banned and you must pay for paper bags at the checkout counter, I needed a better solution. So I purchased three Baggu bags. You can fold them up, place them in their little pouches and they take up no room or weight in your purse. You can also pop them in the washing machine to sanitize. I always have them on me. Oh and they can hold up to 50lbs and hold a TON of groceries. Love them.

4. Card Ninja. How many times have you just wanted to bring your phone, credit card, and ID with you? I hate taking my purse into the movies, bowling, or on long walks on the Bay Trail, but I've always wanted all my important stuff on me. This little device saves the day. Granted, I haven't bought one of these yet, but I plan to. My coworkers use it and swear by it.

End of infomercial. What new product has made your life easier?


  1. I love talking about my favourite products too. AND I love hearing about other peoples'. So keep these posts coming! That tupperware sounds amazing. Wilted greens are the bane of my existence. Is it just me or do they ALWAYS go bad like a week before their best before date (if they're the kind that come in a tub)?

  2. Wow have you ever thought of becoming a saleswoman? I want ALL OF THESE!!

  3. rebecca @ blueberry smilesJuly 15, 2013 at 10:58 AM

    ooh, i like that card ninja!

  4. Wait. Is 'blats' actually a word for ballet flats?

    And I want/need a card ninja! [Not just because it is called NINJA either. ;)]

  5. Brittany TrenthamJuly 20, 2013 at 8:28 AM

    I need some blats... Actually, I just want to tell people I have blats! lol You always introduce me to such fun stuff. I owe you an email soon! xoxo


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