Jul 6, 2013

Finding My Personal Style: Stitch Fix v.6.0

I took a breather from Stitch Fix for a while. In fact, I didn't blog about my last one, mostly because I was a little lazy, but also because I didn't end up keeping anything. You can check out the photos here though if you are interested.

But, I've been having those mornings. You know what I'm talking about. The ones where you insist that you have nothing to wear when you obviously do. The ones where you end up throwing something on and spending the rest of the day regretting your choice. Why did I buy those polka dot jeans?

It was time to utilize Stitch Fix again.

So I did. I have a work event coming up and I had $5 credit and little to lose.

Velvet Heart Miena Mixed Stiped Button Up Tank - $78

Stitch Fix - 6

The style card suggested I pair this shirt with a mint colored skirt. I don't own one of those (and I'm not sure many people do), but I do have mint pants. Except this was all wrong. Verdict: No. Just no.

Also, I'm rethinking those pants. Not flattering on me at all.

Collective Concepts Aneesa Sail Boat Print Tab Sleeve Top - $68

Stitch Fix - 5

I adore this shirt and it could have easily been the winner, but I remembered the two other funky print tops I have from Stitch Fix and how little I wear them. While I love tops like these, I don't think they are really me. Also, this top was sheer and required a tank or cami to wear underneath...not ideal for a hot summer. Verdict: almost, but no. Looking at this photo, I kind of wish I kept it though. See how indecisive I can be. Margaret (my stylist) has her work cut out.

Max and Cleo Williams Geo Faux Wrap Dress - $128

Stitch Fix - 4

I asked for some dresses for my work event and I thought this one was a good try. It's way different than something I'd ever choose and I've always wanted to pull off a wrap dress. Except, it's a little too different. I wasn't crazy about the print and even though the dress was incredibly comfy, it was also really hot. Verdict: nope.

C. Luce Luella Fit and Flare Belted Dress - $88

Stitch Fix - 3

Oooh, almost a keeper here. My husband liked this one the best on me, but I wasn't completely sold. I do like the cut of the dress and found it to be flattering. The print was cute, but I wasn't over the moon for it. Close but no cigar? Verdict: sadly no.

The necklace I'm wearing, 41Hawthorn Enamel Multi Disk Necklace - $28, wasn't a keeper either. The color was orange and gold and I couldn't think of a single thing in my closet it would go with.

Another Stitch Fix bust. Whomp. I don't fault the stylist (Margaret is still awesome and really takes feedback well), but I fault myself for filling out my style card incorrectly and asking for the wrong things. It's really important to figure out what style works for you and to be honest about this on your style card. That being said, finding my own personal style is the challenge and I'm working on it.

Here's what I think I figured out:
  • Trendy items are cute (think colored and polka dot jeans), but I don't feel comfortable in them and they aren't long term pieces. 
  • I prefer neutral colors (black, tan, navy blue, emerald green, gray and white) over all the neon colors my eyes are drawn to and are trendy right now. 
  • I'm picky about prints. Sure, I loved my bird shirt and striped sheer tee from Stitch Fix #3, but the fact that I rarely wear them shows that they aren't for me. 
  • I like clothes that are easy to wear. I hate sheer shirts because I have to layer them and I will rarely choose a strapless dress or a top with a weird cut that requires me to wear a strapless bra. Too much effort and not comfy. Also, strapless bras have wires. This 34A girl just says no to wires. 
  • I'm boring. There, I said it. I have a boring, classic style. I am not the girl who everyone points at in the grocery store and says, "Wow, look how stylish she is.". That's not me. I'd rather they say, "Oh, she looks so put together". 
I'm not going to be someone I'm not. 

So what I am wearing to our event at work this week:

Stitch Fix - 2

This navy blue dress from Loft with nude pumps (Banana Republic) and a string of pearls. Easy, simple and 100% me. Also, this is an old bridesmaid dress that was on sale for $35!

As for Stitch Fix, I'm kind of addicted, so I'm going for round 6 in a couple weeks. I adjusted my style profile, gave lots of feedback and made specific requests. I know Margaret will do wonders!

All Stitch Fix links contain affiliates. If you sign up via this link, I get a $25 credit on my next Stitch Fix box. 

Are you still finding your personal style? If so, what have you learned?


  1. I really like that polka dot top with the white shorts on you - super cute!! I'm intrigued by Stitch Fix but have yet to give it a try.

  2. I loved that striped dress on you! I'm with you on wearing more neutrals but I've recently taken to jazzing them up with fun and trendy jewelry. I would wear your navy dress with statement stud earrings, if only plain large sterling silver ball ones. Oh, and maybe a red skinny belt! It'd be a little touch of nautical without screaming, Ahoy matey!

  3. That's my plan too! I'm always on the lookout for fun jewelry. It's a lot cheaper than buying funky pants or shirts. I love both ideas for the navy dress. I think a belt would help define the waist a little more. Thank you as always!

  4. Thanks! I almost kept that shirt (it has sailboats on it), but it was so sheer and I hate layering in the summer.

    It's very fun - there are some drawbacks, but otherwise I love it. Much more enjoyable than hitting the mall, which I hate these day.

  5. It wasn't until probably this past year that I started finding my own style. Before that, I wore a lot of jeans and Target tees.

  6. Love the sailboat printed top on you and the black and white stripped dress- both looked really great on you! But I totally understand not wanting to keep something you won't wear.

  7. Brittany TrenthamJuly 9, 2013 at 4:45 AM

    Loft for the win! My style is much like yours, however I thought you looked amazing in a lot of those "stylish" outfits. I just feel like a poser in items like that. So not me!

  8. I love how you say "Who has mint colored skirt?" and then you bust out pants like that's not the exact same level of random. :)

    After so many people have done this, I kind of want to. I LOVE the boat print top, but if you aren't going to wear it, I definitely support not spending the money. [Those types of tops are all I seem to be wearing lately.] I don't really like the rest of the things they sent for you....but that dress from Loft just proves you might not need someone else to be your stylist after all!

  9. I think if it hadn't been see-through, I would had kept it. Though, with crazy printed shirts, I can't wear them often since they are so memorable (birds, boats, etc.).

    Aww, thanks :)

  10. So you don't think i'm insane i actually am a fashion designer and what is happening in these photos is that the proportion of the clothing is not quite right.
    The first striped sleeveless top is too long on you, so with the cropped pants and busy sandals it is not flattering.
    The boat print top is cute, but i would recommend tucking in just the front to add waist definition. The wrap dress looks too covered/old/ weird print placement. The striped dress is great! Since you have some awesome legs i would hem it to above the knee, same with the loft dress you own.
    Some great "classic" pieces going into fall would be an animal print neutral cardigan, cobalt blue is a huge trend this fall and pairs well with charcoal grey and black yet is still a basic color, skinny metallic belts are a way of pulling together an otherwise ordinary outfit, and knowing what you feel confidant in is really important!


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