Jun 9, 2013

What's in my GAP Shopping Bag?

I had one of those weeks where I hated everything in my closet. It's far too hot for jeans these days and my cardigans are starting to look a little worn (I just ordered a sweater saver in hope to revive a few of them). Also, even though I can wear whatever I want to work, I find myself feeling much more confident and professional when I look put-together. The search for new work clothes began.

Brandon and I ventured out for some typical Saturday errands yesterday and popped into GAP. I know most people find their clothing somewhat boring. Me? I like boring, classic staples and I often enjoy pairing them with unique earrings or necklaces. And most importantly, GAP clothes fit me. I don't have a an easy body to dress, so anytime I find a place where clothing fits me off the rack, I'm all about it.

Gap Shopping Bag

In the store, I tried on the modern boot pants in white and the navy fluid pocket tank (which is almost like a tank/tee - loved the shoulders). I purchased them and walked around the shopping center a bit. I then remembered that GAP is always having online sales. So I checked my phone, confirmed that they were indeed having a store-wide 25% off sale and returned my purchases to order them online. I know both will fit me and since my order was over $50, I qualified for free shipping. Winning.

The baseball tee (probably not too suitable for work - oops) and the slim cropped pants were just after-thoughts. I love the pair of slim cropped pants that I already own in black and was excited to see these in a seersucker-like pattern. I'm pinning for the linen gray ones as well.

Lots of love for GAP here!

What is your go-to store for clothing?

I used to be a huge LOFT fan, but I can't seem to find anything there these days. Oh and in high school and college, it was all about American Eagle and Aeropostale (I had so many of those silly graphic tees!). Times have changed, thank goodness.


  1. I have to confess: all of my jeans come from American Eagle.

    They just fit right, and I don't have to think about which size for which cut because they consistently work. So, I'm a tween. At least for now.

  2. Oh man, Aeropostale used to me MY STORE! But then I realized that their clothes are super cheap (quality) and I was wasting my (quantity of) money! Guess I'm left to confessing alongside Sarah...although GAP skinnies fit me better, nothing beats American Eagle jeans! Their Artist style is the best...or at least it WAS...the last time I looked, they were remaking them with spandex! Ugh, guess their trying to weed us "old" gals out now! :(

  3. Gap is one of my favorite stores--I feel like their sizes run a little big, but otherwise I love their styles! I used to sport the graphic tees from Aero, too! Oh, how times have changed!


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