Jun 4, 2013

And You Thought You Had a Bad Monday...

San Fransico

Y'all. I have a story for you. I told myself that I'd never tell this story to anyone due to the embarrassment that it causes for me, but here I am.

Yesterday, Monday, I started working out of a new office. I'm only in this office for a week (and move to my permanent one next week), but I am really excited as it's exactly 3 miles from my apartment. Those kind of commutes just don't exist here in the Bay Area.

I happily hop in my car at 8:30am and arrive at the parking lot at 8:40am. The parking lot is only .40 miles from the actual office and I contemplate walking it, but I have a big box to carry, a heavy bag with two computers, my purse and my lunchbox. Instead, I decide to take the convenient parking shuttle to my office, which I will reiterate is just down the road.

I drag all my stuff onto the only shuttle in the lot and breathlessly climb on board. I ask the driver if this shuttle was taking me to my office building, which happens to have a name similar to a district in San Francisco. He says yes and I climb in the seat behind him.

We take off going down the road opposite of my office. This is weird. I wonder if he's turning around...

We then head onto 101. What the hell is going on here?!

I kindly ask if he's going to loop around and take me back to my office. He says "Oh, this shuttle goes to San Francisco".

You've got to be kidding me. Is this a joke? Am I on Candid Camera? This is not happening. This is not happening. 

For the record, I work a long distance away from San Francisco. People commute from San Francisco to my area all the time, but I call them crazies.

I gasp and my heart starts pounding furiously. I ask if he could please drop me off at the next exit, that I was on the wrong shuttle. He refuses. I resort to begging. He still refuses. I feel tears welling up in my eyes and I even consider offering him cash in my desperate state of mind.

I grab my phone and start G-chatting Brandon (and Sarah and Jessie). Omg. Omg. OMG.  

Finally, I accept my fate. Like it or not, I'm headed to San Francisco and this driver won't let me off the freaking bus. I email my boss that I was going to be late. I ask the driver to drop me off by the train station in SF so I could take it back to the 'burbs.

But Brandon, bless his little heart, said he'd come and pick me up because he knows how much I dislike public transportation (and umm, to be honest, cities in general). I end up on the Embarcadero in San Francisco by Pier 26. I find a bench not too far from a sleeping homeless man and wait for Brandon, while I cling to my giant box, laptops and what little dignity I had left.

Brandon picks me up 20 minutes later and drives me back to my office. I promise him mint chocolate chip ice cream for dinner, which is not all that different from we normally eat for dinner, but I know it's his favorite. I am 2 hours late for work. I am exhausted. And I'm homesick for small town Virginia.

That, my friends, was the longest commute of my life. You have my permission to laugh at me. My boss did. And so did my mom.


  1. That's amazing and totally sounds like something that would happen to me! The real question is how cool is your boss? Did he/she crack up laughing? I hope so!

  2. oh my goodness. :( that sounds like something that would happen to me. thank goodness your boss is cool (even though you got laughed at) and that Brandon was nice enough to pick you up.

  3. Oh my golly that sounds awful!! What a flippin jerk...seriously he couldn't pull over?? So sorry this happened to you friend! <3 Also you have a great guy!!

  4. Oh honey. That is something that I would very much so do. At least you have an amazing hubby who picked you up! What a man!

  5. OK, so even though I was 'with you' when this happened, I'm glad you retold it, because it just seems so FUNNY now, rather than scary and "Oh my goodness, Maria doesn't know what to do in the big city!!!!" I know you probably still aren't laughing, exactly, but I'm glad your boss did. :)

    Um. You neglected to mention the fact that you could have walked to your office. That makes this all so much better.

  6. Lol! Oh no! :( at least it all worked out ok and you can laugh now. What a time suck tho! I woulda been super upset about that piece of it.


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