May 30, 2013

Thoughts on...

Big Sur
Big Sur, California

1. Camping. My good friend Megan invited Brandon and I to her in-law's Memorial Day camping trip in Big Sur this past weekend. Though I hike a lot and enjoy being outside, I wouldn't say I'm much of a "nature girl". I hate getting muddy and dusty and I believe indoor plumbing is a luxury that I refuse to take for granted. But, I surprisingly loved camping. It probably had to do to the fact that Megan's family is seriously some of the most hilarious people I've ever met (and they cooked for us) and that the bathhouses were cleaned hourly, but I found myself not caring about dirty clothes and hair that smelled like campfire. I'm hooked.

2. Analog Weekends. To piggyback off thoughts on camping, one of my favorite parts of the weekend was no connectivity. No Twitter. No Instagram. No Gmail. It was freeing to simply throw your phone in your bag and not look at it for two days. When we got back in 4G Land, I cringed a little.

3. House Buying. Ugh. We are in the process of applying for a mortgage and keep hearing horror stories of home buying in the Bay Area. Houses going for 30% over asking. Cash-only offers. Even our own apartment raised our rent, but said we can leave whenever we want, without lease-breaking fees: they have a waiting list 50 people long. It feels like my dreams of owning a home this year may not happen. So, we might just go to Alaska instead. Best to look on the bright of these things.

4. Zobha Yoga Pants. Zobha is in. Lululemon is out. You heard it here first. One of my new friends, a former yoga teacher, introduced me to Zobha yoga clothing. We both agree that Lulu cuts into our stomachs and aren't quite as comfortable as the whole world makes them out to be. Not to mention, to fit comfortably in them, I have to go up like four sizes and even then, they hurt. Call me vain, but I hate that. Zobha pants are so comfy, I often wear them to bed. They are thinner, though not see-through and and are a bit cheaper, too.

5. Work/Life Balance. I love my new job and it challenges me every single day. I like my coworkers and the work I do. Blah. Blah. But, as I was heading home at 7pm last night, still without any idea of what I was going to make for dinner or if I'd be able to squeeze in a workout before my 10pm bedtime, I began to wonder how in the world could I do this with kids? I know that sounds insane, because we not ready for babies at all right now, but someday, we will be. And Brandon's work schedule is worse than mine. How do people do this? I can't just feed my kids microwaved bacon and canned soup for dinner...or can I?

6. Blend. This will be my one and only "Blend Recap". No photos. No gushing. No tales of life-changing moments . I think I learned at Blend that there's a reason I'm not a healthy living blogger anymore. Hamburgers and fries served in an old drugstore in the middle of Utah were far better than any greek yogurt breakfast ever will be. Taking photos of bison on Antelope Island with Brandon was much more enjoyable to me than chats about Crossfit workouts. And when I talk to Brandon he doesn't spend his time texting/tweeting/Instagramming. What a novel concept.


  1. 30% above asking in cash? Cray. Come on over to NC where housing is affordable. I'll watch and feed your future kids, so that takes care of that. Not that there is anything wrong with microwaved bacon...

  2. Just checked out Zobha. They have some really cute tops. And some sexyish ones. Sexyish is a word, okay? I kinda love your comments on Blend. While I'd like to go to one of the blogger events (I haven't ever), I wonder if I'd be overwhelmed with all the superficial "connections" and feeling like I have to be so cyber connected. What you said about your conversation with Brandon hit the nail on the head. There are definitely a few people in the blog world I'd LOVE to meet (you, duh) but a bunch at once might intimidated me. XO

  3. Hey there Sexyish. Sigh. Yes, blogger events can be really fun and I loved seeing some friends, but as whole, meh. It just felt way too connected. Retreat to me, is a cabin in the woods with no Instagrammed oatmeal bowls, hashtagged to death.

    We shall meet. It will be awesome. I will be sexyishly awkward.

  4. Deal! Looking forward to living on the lake with you as you teach my kids (and Brandon) how to like vegetables. Okay, add me to your class roster as well.

  5. Don't get me wrong, loved seeing some of my favorite bloggers, but I think I'd prefer it in a more intimate setting, less hashtagging.

  6. I totally get you. It drives me crazy when people are on their phones when I'm spending time with them!

  7. Brittany TrenthamJune 1, 2013 at 9:52 PM

    I must check out Zobha! I have never even tried Lululemon anyway! I wish my house would go 30% over the asking price! No way...

  8. I own nothing from Lululemon. In fact, when I went to a free yoga class there, I wore an outfit entirely from Target. Zobha is still too expensive for me, but I love the look of almost EVERYTHING on the website.

    I think I'd like camping, too. I loved being out in the woods, on the river, essentially growing up at camp. I love the smell of bonfires (although not the lingering smoke in my hair), and cooking over a fire. I really do like hiking also. So maybe...

    I love what you said about Blend. About healthy living blogs. I wish I had been able to see you more, and I'm sorry if I was on my phone. :( I know that IG is all about validation, and totally narcissistic--at least when I do it!--but generally I'm pretty good about limiting my postings. Generally. I'm kind of happy that where I'm staying for the month of June has incredibly inconsistent-to-nonexistent internet. Since I try to avoid being on my 4G network to save money, I will also not be on my phone very much (and probably not blogging all that much either). Even though it seems like a difficult adjustment, I think it will be a GREAT thing.

    However, aside from that, I have to say, I never was a healthy living blogger, and then I somehow became one. But that isn't what my blog started to be about, and I don't really want it to be now. As much as I love my HLB connections and friends, I think I might need to step away from the 'world' a little bit...

    And I think Blend should become "girls weekend in the woods." We don't have to tell anyone about it. We just invite who we want to meet and go...camping? ;)

  9. I hope I wasn't on my phone too much...but I know I took pics of my pizza because I was so flippin excited about some "real" food! ;) and I take forever when instagramming because I am just slow with technology haha.

    And yes for girl's weekend in the woods!!

  10. I hardly have anything on my plate right now (um besides moving to a different state) and I STILL wonder how I will have time for kiddos! I think when the time just make it work, right?

    Also I heart your Blend recap. And I'm sorry if I was on my phone too much...I can honestly say that's not how I usually am ESPECIALLY at dinner unless I want to take a pic of the food. Dave and I have a rule that dinner time means no phones. :)

  11. I've heard that there is never a good time for children and yes, you just make it happen!

    Oh gosh, no - not you. That was a statement in general. I love that rule you and Dave have.

  12. Yes! Girls weekend in the woods! No internet, no phones, no plumbing...oh wait. There should be plumbing.

    The concept of camping always intrigued me. Paying to sleep outside and share bathrooms? But I think I get the point now - it's kind of about connecting to nature. Northern CA has made me a little crunchy...

  13. Good I did notice I had my phone out more than usual but I hate that feeling when it seems like the other person would rather look at their phone than me! :)


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