May 22, 2013

A Little Inspiration

Sarah is one of my dear friends who I worked with at my previous job.  We had seen a lot together and had some hilarious and downright ridiculous moments. While I was in the midst of changing my career late last year, Sarah was doing the same. But while I chose to head back into the corporate world, Sarah decided to volunteer in an African orphanage. It's one of those things we all kind of wish we could do in our lifetime, or at least I do, but never seem to find the courage to do it. Except Sarah did and she's now in Kenya, painting murals at an orphanage, eating corn paste for dinner every single night and laughing at the fact that she has ringworm on her face. She inspires me.

Follow her story: Eat, Pray, Love, with Jesus. I particularly love the post called Options and Opportunities, sort of a What I Ate (in Kenya every single day) Wednesday.

Help from a stranger.
On Monday, it took me 40 minutes to get through the road construction mess near my office at 7pm. I spent 20 minutes standing in line at Target with screaming children behind me and another 15 minutes to find a gas station while my car drifted on fumes. I had at least three loads of laundry to do from traveling, an empty fridge at home and a husband who typically doesn't leave his office until 9pm. I was done. Fed up. Over it.

As I sat at yet another long stoplight, fumbling through the radio stations (seriously, Adele, again?!) and cursing my luck, the car next to me stalls. An older man gets out and examines the car engine. He puts it in neutral and tries to push it out of the middle lane, but cannot. He stands in the traffic, horns honking around him and wipes his brow. I feel horrible for him and my frustration with my own petty little day diminishes by the second. A young man from another car gets out and helps him push his car out of the way. It was a simple gesture, one that happens all the time, but had a profound effect on me in that moment. Almost as if God was giving me a little reminder about what really matters.

I said a little prayer that the man's car would get fixed and that that stranger would receive the type of kindness in his life that he showed that man. That stranger inspires me.

What is inspiring you today?


  1. you inspire me! glad i got to chat with you a bit, and sad that i didn't go to dinner with you and sarah and the others. i wish i could be in so many places at once.

    strangers helping car break downs are the best. i had a wonderful guy come change my tire on the side of the road once, even though i pointed out that i had 2 flats ...

  2. I'm with Calee. You inspire me... all my Blends do! You all keep me positive and hold me accountable! xoxo

  3. Ah! I never check my blog and so sorry to leave your sweet comment hanging...

    Such a pleasure to finally meet you in Utah! Yes, I would have loved to chatted more and get to know you more, but I guess that's what blog comments are for. Hope all is well and life is sorting itself all tends to do that in its own time :)

  4. Aww, thanks friend! I hope to see you in my home turf soon :)


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