Apr 10, 2013

Working Out at Home with Best Body Bootcamp


I started Best Body Bootcamp last week not only because I enjoyed the program in the past, but because I recently quit the gym. Here's the thing about me: I quit gyms a lot. Since we've lived in this area, I have joined and cancelled at least five gym memberships. I don't find them as a great "lifestyle" choice for me. Even when I (hopefully? eventually?) start a new job, I don't want to be that girl I used to be: the one that drags herself to the gym every day after work. To me, that's not sustainable and apparent in the fact that I stop going entirely for weeks at a time.

Instead, I needed to replace the gym with a program that I could do at home. And one that would be just as effective. Luckily, we have an apartment gym that has:

  • three treadmills
  • two ellipticals
  • a few weight machines
  • a cable machine
  • ab balls

And at home, I have:
  • yoga mat
  • 5lb dumbbells
  • 8lb dumbbells
  • 12lb medicine ball

And that's really all I need to get a great workout with Best Body Bootcamp (and I could definitely do it with less). How great of a workout? Well, picture me sprawled on the floor in a pile of sweat. Actually don't, that's not a pretty sight.

My point - which always takes me three paragraphs to make - is that you don't need a lot money or a lot of equipment to get a great workout at home. The benefits of working out at home are pretty obvious: saves time, saves money, can listen to loud music, access to your own (clean) shower, and afterwards, you can spend 20 minutes laying in your sweat pool while you watch Ellen.

It's very freeing to not be obligated (because you a paying for it) to go to a gym every evening. Just like I've learned with healthy eating, it's about making a lifestyle change that you know will be easy for you to stick with.

Well, of course until I get bored of at home workouts...you know how it goes.

Speaking of at home workouts: follow Cynthia on Instagram. She has been working out from home for a few months now and has seen incredible results. She's a total inspiration.

Gym rat or homebody?


  1. Somehow I missed the memo that you updated your blog address. I basically just stalked you and now feel much better ;) I see that you are running, when are we doing our 5K? I will even come down there!!

    PS: I may start blogging again. I have written exactly two posts. So we will see. janerunssf.wordpress.com

  2. I'm so happy you are blogging again and I can follow your races! Nice half marathon with umm, little preparation? Crazy!

    I'm running a little bit now as a part of this bootcamp. I think (knock on wood) that my knees are back in shape and ready to rock and roll. I'm doing the run/walk method and it's working out well. I have a long ways to go before that 5K, unless we make it a run/walk one, which I'm down for!

  3. we used to be gym rats now we are workout at home rats ;)

  4. And you both are in killer shape - so inspiring to me! Can't wait to meet you at Blend :)

  5. I've done a bit of both throughout my life -- I don't find one better than the other, just different. I'm currently at the gym again, but I also am lucky enough that our town has 4 gyms that are included in our home owner's dues -- so it's basically free! I LOVE Tina's Bootcamp, a great program!

  6. I've never been a gym rat... but I love being a home rat! :)

  7. Run/walk ALWAYS sounds good to me!! Or we can just hike! I LOVE hiking!

  8. You're right, BBB is SO easy to do at home. Luckily, my landlord (who lives in the house next door) is also a personal trainer and has a bunch of free weights/dumbbells on her back porch. She lets me come over and use them whenever I don't feel like going to the gym right after work. It's awesome!

  9. Me too! There are quite a few hikes in Marin that I haven't tried yet!

  10. Same. I go through so many fitness phases. I don't seem to stick to one type or place of working out for very long. But I think that's a good thing!

  11. Same here! It much be our introvert-ness (not a real word, obviously).

  12. So sweet of her and so convient!

  13. So glad it's working so well for you from home! That was a big thing I wanted - something home user friendly. I do lots of my workouts at home now too. Just easier schedule wise with the kids.

  14. Yes! I've realized that even though I need to sub a few of the moves, I STILL am sweaty and exhausted afterwards...and sore! I know it seems a little too early, but I feel like I'm seeing results already as well. Can't stop gushing :)

  15. I'm a gym rat because I just can't motivate myself to work out at home! That might need to change next year though when I'm doing a 9-5 internship and will probably be too lazy to go to the gym. :P

  16. I am that girl that goes to the gym after work. (Or I go for a run.) I have fallen in love with yoga, so I like the classes, and I'm not sure I would do it at home even if I had a video or a guide telling me what to do.

    However, I would like a guide for what to do with strength training and such. I really think I might try Best Body Bootcamp this summer for that reason alone. I do not have access to all of that equipment though...

    Well, I mean, I do at the gym. But I don't know where and what my life circumstances will be this summer. ;)


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