Apr 28, 2013

Sunday Confessions

Giant Cupcake

My husband gave our friends a tour of Google yesterday, where he works. They just so happened to a have a yard full of giant sweets representing Android mobile updates. I'm partial to the cupcake. 

1. I haven't forgotten about my blog this week, but I haven't had anything meaningful to share (because you know, these Sunday Confession posts are oh so meaningful). I started about five different Life, Lately posts only to delete them. Sometimes I have nothing to contribute and that's okay.

2. Yesterday, we were paid a visit from my really good friends that live in Southern California (and their adorable 9 month old son). We had a large chunk of time of time between lunch and our dinner reservation...and happened to be in the Pescadero area. You locals know what that means: pie. Olallieberry, strawberry-rhubarb and blueberry pie. With ice cream. Before dinner.

3. Their baby wore us both out. And we weren't his primary caretakers for the day. This is scary.

4. I've been trying to remember to drink lemon and warm water each morning when I wake up. I've read that there are so many wonderful health benefits of this (digestion, detox, clear skin). Sarah suggested I try shots of apple cider vinegar as well. Try to picture a scene involving spitting, nose holding, and immediate mouth washing. I think I'll stick with the lemon water.

5. I went to the mall yesterday and didn't buy a single thing besides a grilled cheese with bacon. That's what I call a successful shopping trip.


  1. I am going to start trying to drink lemon water in the AM too. I am sad though because that means I need to get out of bed at least 5 minutes earlier.

  2. I second Sarah on the ACV! I can tell a difference when I've been drinking it and when I haven't. With allergies, with skin, etc.

  3. I hate shopping. I mean, that might be a little extreme, but the thought of trying things on is overwhelming. Maybe that's why I like grocery shopping so much. So little risk, for such great reward?

    I just stocked up on a new giant bottle of unflitered ACV this weekend. That means I am on the dregs of my old bottle, where all of the vinegar 'mother' is lurking. You would be appalled. I find it fabulously helpful. :)

  4. That's awesome that your husband works at Google--I've heard that's one of the coolest places to work!

  5. Not a day goes by that I'm not jealous of his job...though I can't complain, I have it pretty good too :)

  6. I'l try that! When you say shot, do you mean that you don't dilute it?


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