Apr 21, 2013

Sunday Confessions

Clinique Eye Cream

1. I'm letting my old domain expire and I'll no longer be the owner of www.ohhealthyday.com. I don't know why, but this makes me sad.

2. Yesterday, I wrote about my recent online shopping finds. I should probably rename that post to J.Crew Factory Shopping Haul instead of J.Crew Factory Binge, because it sounds better and I don't want to offend anyone. Is is sad how when you write these days, there's always the "Will this offend anyone?" question in the back of your mind? Or does it just make me a good person?

3. That's not the only online splurge I did yesterday. Friends, I don't know why, but never shopped at Sephora before. Actually, I do know why and that's because their stores smell like a giant vat of stinky perfume.

But anyway, that's what online stores are for. I recently ran out of a few of my basic products, read a fashion blog about the sale they were having...and suddenly, I have a cart full of fun stuff. I got this mascara, this cheek stain in Flush, and this face soap.

4. I also spent 40 minutes reading eye cream reviews. Eye cream, folks. I'm turning 30 this year, so this is self-explanatory. I decided on this one (pictured above) but they are out of stock. Also, I don't have any wrinkles, but I'm buying it anyway.

5. I really really hate packing a lunch for work.  No one else does it and I don't want to do it either. I had Subway twice last week and I only worked from Tuesday-Friday. Once I move to my permanent office location in June, I'll have free lunch and snacks. I'm counting down the days. I also realize I'm a spoiled brat and understand if you hate me now.


  1. I hate packing lunch too. Very jealous of your upcoming work lunches! Perhaps I'll just start crashing your cafeteria come June.

  2. Please come visit! You can be my lunch guest at anytime!

  3. Okay it's funny because I told Dave that when I turn 30, I'm gonna start buying the expensive face creams, etc. It's for both of us, right?

    Also, you seriously don't look 30 so good work! ;)

    Aaand Subway = <3

  4. I'm with Sarah... I don't hate you, but I'm very jealous of those free lunches and snacks. I get to come home every day for lunch. So, I'm spoiled too!
    I loved your post yesterday... and I now want to take you shopping with me. I struggle over what people will think too, but now I've gotten over that. I'm too old to care what others think. I have great friends (like you) who love me regardless so who cares! ya know?

  5. Oooh, I used to get to come home for a lunch at my first real job and it was glorious - except then it was hard to return to the office!

    Great point! I hear there are some good outlets near Park City...I'm obviously hoping that weekend will last twice as long as a normal weekend.

  6. Please please please pack my lunches. I will pay you by organizing your house.

    Also, re: Blogging.

    I need to email you. Or you know...see you in a few weeks so we can chat in person.

  7. Haha. I've always looked younger than I am (not complaining) and a long time ago, I wrote about how I was mistaken for a minor on an airplane by the crew (they let me off the plane first). I was like 23/24.

    Also, you look 18, but when you are ready for your face cream, let me know. By then, I will have tried ALL kinds!

  8. haha deal! And it's a GOOD thing we look young!! :)

  9. Sigh, 30 and eye cream. Amen, sister. I'll be 30 in September. And I don't hate you for free lunches, but I hate you a little for having no wrinkles.

  10. I hate packing a lunch too! That's why I usually plan 1-2 meals a week that make lots of leftovers so I can just throw those in a container for a fast lunch. Free lunches sound even better though - so jealous!


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