Apr 14, 2013

Sunday Confessions

Muddy Hiking Shoes - 1

1. I had a nightmare this week and I woke up shaking, heart racing, thinking, "Thank heavens that was just a dream!" There were no monsters. No villains. No snakes. Just dreamt I was in high school again. Shudder. 

2. The other night I watched Home Alone on TV at 10pm, while I ate a BLT, which was my second dinner. My first dinner was Subway.

3. I'm pretty sure I bruised my toenail on our 10 mile hike a few weeks ago. I have been in denial and refuse to remove my nail polish to find out. Guess who will be wearing ballet flats and Toms all summer? Also, will it fall off? Please say no.

4. I meal-planned for two weeks straight and then I quit. That's good enough for the year. Back to bagel pizzas, salads, eggs, and spaghetti with jarred sauce for dinner.

5. I went for a massage on Friday at a really nice spa in the area - one where I stuck out like a sore thumb as did my Honda in the Mercedes-filled parking lot. I handed the lady my giftcard at checkout and she says, "I haven't seen this giftcard in four years". I told her I had forgotten I had it, only I hadn't forgotten, I was just scared of people touching me and being naked with only a sheet covering me.

By the way, the massage was nice and but I fell asleep on the table. I can sleep for free at home.

Christina has joined in on the fun this week! Check out her Sunday Confession post.


  1. Hahaha, I love the idea of a second dinner. If it makes you feel better, I usually eat 2 breakfasts because I wake up early and am starving by 8am.

  2. Your poor toenail! Take that polish off and look girl! You might lose it, but it's ok. Just paint the skin. I lose mine all the time (thanks to my dancing days). :) Oh... I need to email you soon!

  3. Oh my gosh, being back in high school WOULD be a nightmare. Thank goodness it was just a dream.

  4. 1. I hate having nightmares and waking up shaking. I try to drink stress/tension/bedtime tea before I get in bed so I'm not totally out of my mind during sleep. Who knows if it's working.
    2. TWO DINNERS! That's my girl.
    3. Ouch. It won't fall off if it hasn't already. I think?
    4 What is meal planning? What is planning? Ha.
    5. Yup. I get this.

  5. Don't take your toenail polish off today. I did, not pretty.

  6. I just keep putting it off and putting it off. So scared.

  7. I don't think meal planning works for people you and me because who knows when might want to have two dinners? You just can't plan for these things.

  8. It was the worst. I was getting in trouble for stealing an American flag. Haha. I have no idea why it scared me so much or why in the world I was stealing a flag.

  9. You can PAINT THE SKIN?! Oh gosh. I'm so worried. These things are why you can look in peoples mouths all day and I want to gag when I see food in someone's teeth.

    I want to hear more about your dancer days! What type?

  10. Oooh, two breakfasts - two dinners. Life is short :)

  11. Ugh, nightmares are the worst!! :(
    Hope your toenail doesn't fall off. YUCK.

  12. When I wake up from dreaming I am in high school again I try to get back to sleep to enjoy it more. I'm the weirdo that LOVED high school. I also love massages. I don't care who sees me naked if they are going to massage me. Wait... that sounds wrong, but seriously. I'm a sucker for massages!

  13. Haha. The weird thing is, I actually LOVED high school too! But in my dream, I was getting in trouble for stealing an American Flag - something that always terrified me in high school. Not the stealing a flag part, but the getting in trouble part. Seriously, there is something wrong with me :)

    Haha - your massage comment. I actually enjoyed the steam room more than the massage. When I walked out of that thing, I felt like I had new skin!

  14. I am really happy to know that married people don't always meal plan. Granted, I know Brandon eats at work many nights, but I feel like everyone in blog land who has a significant other figures out really creative ways to cook all week long. I am pretty sure I'll never be able to get over my single lady dinner modus operandi of "Open fridge. Remove contents. Put into a bowl. Cover with condiments, sauces, or dressings. Consume."


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