Apr 7, 2013

Sunday Confessions

Daffodil Hill-22

1. I spent over an hour cooking last night. I made enchiladas for the first time and I was so proud of myself for planning the meal, grocery shopping and actually cooking on a Saturday night (which is normally known as Chipotle Night). I ate one, but I kind of hated it. The thought of eating more of them makes me want to gag. I'm immature like that.

If you have a dog and would like to feed it my leftovers, you are welcome to them.

2. I've been referring to my unemployment as my "Sabbatical". It sounds more professional and intended that way. On my Sabbatical this week, I did nothing but workout, meet friends for long chats, and Spring Cleaned. I did not search or apply for one job. Don't tell my husband.

3. We are buying our first tent today and I might have to photograph the process because I'm so excited about it. I think we'll set it up in the living room tonight to practice. Then I might sleep in it. And make indoor smores!

4. Speaking of sleep. 11 hours last night. I did not budge. I am a 16 years old.

5. There's a man that I always see at my apartment gym who cleans his machine with the provided wipes before he works out. Then, he throws the wipe on the floor! Every single time. He doesn't go pick it up later either. I want to punch him. I almost said something yesterday but I bit my tongue because I'm a wimp and he knows where I live. I had to finish my workout early because I couldn't stand to look at him anymore.

I get the same rage when people don't put their carts back at the grocery store and leave them all over the parking lot. Americans are lazy.

What annoys you the most about other people in the gym?


  1. Chelsea @ One Healthy MunchkinApril 7, 2013 at 12:06 PM

    Hurray for actually cooking on Saturday! That sucks that they weren't that good though. What was wrong with them?

    I hate it when people are doused in really strong perfume at the gym. It gives me such a headache!

  2. Well, they called for nutmeg and cinnamon and that just didn't jive with me. My husband liked them, though!

    Oh yes! That is probably my number one complaint because I am allergic to perfumes myself. They give me an awful migraine. I've had to switch all my products to fragrance-free.

    I sound particularly whiny today :)

  3. #5 is soooo weird. I am so sad that we aren't closer while we're both on our work sabbaticals. Do you know a rich man who will fly me out to come hang with you? haha

  4. I'll write a Craiglist ad for someone to sponsor you. There are plenty of ridiculously rich men in this area. I'll need to borrow that photo of your though from the holiday shoot. Should greatly increase our chances of finding you a sponsor.

  5. #3 makes me SO HAPPY! What did you end up getting??

  6. Indoor s'mores sound good to me!! ;)

  7. I get ragey about shopping carts, too. C'mon people. Take the 10 extra steps and put it back. Geesh!

  8. Brittany TrenthamApril 8, 2013 at 2:24 PM

    I'm the same way about shopping carts!! UGH!! I'm so jealous your done spring cleaning. Mine starts tomorrow!

  9. Gah you are too cute!!

    Also what the heck about the guy throwing wipes on the floor?? He must have someone who picks up after him at home.....lol

    There was a girl at work when I worked at the wing joint who would do very similar things. She'd drop something, look at it, and walk away. She'd print checks out, wouldn't need them, so she'd walk away, leaving the check hanging out of the printer. Someone started taping all of her printed checks that she left to the wall haha!

  10. These people must have someone who picks up after them - that can be the only reason why they'd do (lazy) things like this! Haha. She got "served". See how immature I am :)

  11. OH that guy BUGS! I hate people that chat through group classes.

  12. I'm the SAME WAY about carts in the parking lot. I'll go around the parking lot putting a few back because it annoys me so much! Plus, when I see someone leave their cart between cars, I glare. That's so bad!

  13. I give them a glare or too if I can't help myself. Such a huge pet peeve of mine!

  14. I'm really bad about wiping down my machines at the gym. But if I do, at least I manage to find a trash can. (Maybe I can not be hated because of that?)

    It annoys me when the parents let their small children run on the track. Mostly because they are really fast and make me feel somewhat insecure. Also, I would hate for my first major running injury to be caused by me tripping over a small child.


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