Apr 16, 2013

On Virginia Tech and Boston

Six years ago on this day, I felt an overwhelming amount of love as my community, The Virginia Tech Community, was met with the same fate that the Boston Marathon and the Boston community is facing right now. During the chaos, the anger, the senselessness, a little light kept us going: the support of all those people. Those strangers. Those other countries. Those rival schools. All banding together to show us that they care. It may not have looked like much and to some, it may have seemed pointless - wearing a tee shirt or maroon and orange - but, as a Hokie, I can say it certainly helped.

So today, as I remember the day my community was broken, here on its 6th anniversary, I reach my arms out to you. Those of you in the Running Community. The Boston Community. I know it hurts and I know it's unreal. I know it makes no sense. And I understand. Unfortunately, I understand. But remember to look around you. Look at those people who care and sympathize and want you to feel loved. Embrace that.

Just as you did for me on April 16, 2007, I reach out to you with my love, prayers, and support.


  1. Such a sweet post. Hugs to you!

  2. I completely agree! I know that it meant the world to me to see all of the banners of support pouring in after the VT shootings. All we can really do after a tragedy is be there for those suffering. Great post!


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