Apr 20, 2013

J.Crew Factory Shopping Haul

I'm not really into "fashion". You know, Jimmy Choos and Chanel bags. Gucci. Blegh. Not for me or for my wallet. But I do like clothes. I really like clothes. (And shoes, too).

Now that I have a new job and I've spent the past four months cleaning my closet down to the bare minimum, I needed to do a little shopping. I barely pulled together four work outfits this week and then we have all next week and the week after that...

Online shopping is where its at for me these days. I have very little patience when it comes to browsing stores in person and I cannot tell you the last time I set foot in an indoor mall (though I do like Stanford's outdoor mall). Too many teenagers with their pants down low (boys) or their camel-toe shorts (girls) and let's not forget their constant texting. When did I turn 55 years old and why did the term "camel-toe" just appear on my blog? 

Here's what I ended up with:

J.Crew Factory

1, 2. factory tissue v-neck tee in retro jade and light citron, $8/each
3. factory always cardigan in bright persimmon, $14
4. factory summerweight cotton cardigan in mint,  $25
5. factory v-neck maxi dress in navy, $65

J.Crew Factory was having a 30% final sale items, so the tees and the red cardi were super cheap!

Tissue V-Neck Tees
I really hope I love these because that price is cheaper than Target and the colors are fun for spring/summer. Now I just need to get some fun necklaces to spruce them up.

Persimmon Cardigan
I don't own a single red item. Not one. So I was stoked to find this one and I hope it looks more red than orange.

Summerweight Cotton Cardigan
I really love mint these days. My mint jeans are my go-to jeans and I love how well the color pairs with jewel tones, especially purple and emerald.

V-Neck Maxi Dress
You know I've been wanting that maxi dress for a long time now, so I finally bit the bullet and went for it. It was on sale (by a little) and since I waited to buy all these items at once, I received free shipping. I know it will require hemming, but such is life of a short girl.

There's nothing super exciting in this lineup, but I've realized that's pretty much my style these days: tees, cardis, maxis, and solid colors. As I mentioned above, I want to dress these up with some fun jewelry, so nothing looks totally boring.

I like Amy O's Presche line, especially this, this, and this.

Online shopping or in-store shopping? 


  1. I love J Crew! I can't buy clothes online though - I need to be able to try them on first. Being 5 feet tall means it's really hard to find clothes that fit nicely. :P

  2. I'm 4'11! We are fun-sized!

    I usually end up taking most of my pants/dresses to the tailor, but I can get by with shirts online, thank goodness :)


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