Apr 6, 2013

Favorite (Spring) Cleaning Products

Please don't hate me when I say this: I am finished with my Spring Cleaning. 

Each day I tackled something new: kitchen cabinets, appliances, floors, closets, windows, etc. It was nice to break it up and it took me about a week, some projects taking a bit longer than others.

So the point of this post is to not brag about my accomplishment, but rather highlight some of my new favorite cleaning products and methods. This is not a sponsored post (I hate that I even have to say that but 3/4 of posts I see these days are), but rather information that I'd tell my friends or mom.


Oxyclean Free - used on tile grout
Price: 7.99 
Purchased: Target

I use Oxyclean in our laundry because it gives it a boost and make my whites a little whiter. I like the Free kind because it has no dyes or perfumes.

But my favorite use of Oxyclean: tile grout.


We have no tile in our apartment except at our entryway, which means it gets diiiirty. I scrub the tiles themselves with a little warm water and some all-purpose spray, but the grout just never seems to get clean. It's supposed to be a light beige color, but its usually nasty brown from all the dirt we track in.

But, Oxyclean takes care of that. Looks new!


Here's how to use it on grout:
  1. Get a small old bowl and mix 3/4 cup of Oxyclean and a little bit of water to form a paste.
  2. Using a bristled cleaning brush, apply the paste to the grout and give it it a little scrub.
  3. Depending on how dirty your grout it, let the paste soak for about 1-3 hours. Two hours did the trick for me. 
  4. After you wait, scrub the grout some more with your brush and use a wet sponge to rinse off.
  5. You may have to rinse quite a few times (and even the next day).
Oxyclean is a little on the pricey side, but it lasts a while and each container has a coupon, so I stock up when it goes on sale.


Up next...


Bon Ami - used on kitchen sink / stainless pots and pans
Price: 1.99
Purchased: Target

This powder cleaner is all-natural, cheap, and super easy to use. I keep it under my sink to not only clean my stainless pots and pans, but also, my sink. It works incredibly well.


My sink gets grimy and just a sprinkle of Bon Ami on a scrub brush cleans it up in literally seconds. No waiting with this one. And check out how shiny the faucets are!

Bon Ami is a mineral and doesn't contain any harsh chemicals or scents. I love it. If you can't find it, it's pretty much the same thing as Bar Keeper's Friend, which I use sometimes as well. They are both dirt cheap and amazing.


And finally...


20 Mule Team Borax - used in shower
Price: 3.75
Purchased: Target

I've just very recently become a Borax convert and I might even replace my Oxyclean with it since it's much cheaper. You can find it in the laundry aisle at Target, because that's its intended use, but where it really shines: in the shower.


If there was one cleaning job that I would give my left kidney to have someone else do for me, it would be to clean my shower. Granted, I clean it every other week, but it's the bain of my existence. I use Method Daily shower spray and it helps, but my shower still needs a good scrub down.

(Use gloves because this stuff can dry out your hands. Do as I say, not as I do).

As with the Oxyclean, just make a paste and use a sponge to scrub. Borax got out stains on our bathtub that even my Magic Eraser had trouble with. I also love that there are no fumes or chemicals in Borax. You don't even have to use that much elbow grease. It's fantastic. Here's an amazing before and after.

The being said, it's no match for straight up bleach. I will admit that sometimes, when mold or mildew rears its ugly head, I use a bit of bleach (with gloves) in a spray bottle. I was hoping Borax could get rid of tough black mold, but unfortunately, it did not. Will keep experimenting, since I'd LOVE to get rid of bleach entirely.


While we are on the subject of showering; this body wash rocks. I want to eat it. And that shampoo? Umm, 1.99 a bottle. Don't let my stylist see this.

Other Cleaning Products I Swear By:

That is all. Happy Spring Cleaning, friends!

What Spring Cleaning job do you hate the most?


  1. Oh goodness can I relate! Cleaning the shower is the absolute worst!

  2. I hate cleaning the shower so much. I'll have to get some Borax bc mine is awful.

  3. It's such a lifesaver! I couldn't believe how well it brightened things up in there!

  4. Absolutely! I was amazed when I saw it!

  5. I don't hate you for finishing your spring cleaning. I hate you for LIKING to clean.

    Can you PLEASE come visit me? I'll exchange your cleaning services for food.


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