Apr 30, 2013


Half Moon Bay


This is the time of Best Body Bootcamp where I tend to slack off, around week four. The newness wears out and with our visitors this weekend came lots of good food and little time for the gym. That's okay. I'm back on track this week and really enjoying the new set of workouts.

I've also been trying new Yoga Download videos and absolutely love them. I also have been thinking about buying a trial to a yoga studio I read about on Yelp. There's a disco ball and no chanting. Sounds about right for me.

Currently Reading...

Still reading The Happiness Project. Some chapters are a little slow to get through, but I still am trying to apply her concepts as much as possible. Especially being patient and remembering to "Be Maria". What does that mean exactly? Well, it's just a way to be true to yourself. I can't explain it as well as she does.

I'm also having trouble getting through the book because as soon as my head hits the pillow at night (when I normally read), I am out.


Still enjoying my new job and  I feel more comfortable making decisions. It's definitely humbling to go from a company where you have history and are pretty much the go-to person to being the low man on the totem pole who doesn't know how to do anything. But I'll get there. One day at time. My coworkers are great though and have made me feel like I fit in. That's so important.


Now that I have a regular paycheck coming, we have started to get serious about buying a house! I'm hoping before I turn 30, I will no longer be an apartment-dweller. Things I'm looking forward to:
  • Full size washer and dryer
  • Storage, storage, storage
  • Walk in closet (a girl can dream)
  • Kitchen larger than a shoebox
  • Not having to listen to my neighbor's TV and smell their greasy cooking
  • More than two windows!
  • No carpet (again, a girl can dream)
  • Creating my own at-home gym

Currently Watching...

Civil War documentaries. I'm  a sucker for any history or Ken Burns documentary, so it was perfect that the Civil War one was next on our queue. I also learned that my husband has never seen Gone with the Wind! I know, right? I read the book when I was in middle school (it took me all summer) and loved that movie. I'm forcing him to watch it and not telling him it's a love story. 

Currently Eating...

Remember how I said I hate packing my lunch? Well, just a little bit of produce-prep and those handy pre-made salads from Trader Joe's have saved the day.  It just takes a little planning and isn't so annoying anymore. Since the salads are good, but small (~300 calories each), I graze all day long. Here are some of my favorite snacks for work:
  • Luna bars (in lemon of course)
  • cucumbers, cauliflower, carrots
  • berries, clementines, grapes
  • turkey jerky
  • trail mix
  • sharp cheddar cheese squares
  • Fage or Chobani greek yogurt with shaved coconut 
Let me know if you have any other ideas. I think I might try out Nature Box for some variety. 

So that's life currently. Kind of boring, huh? Luckily, Blend Retreat is very, very soon!


  1. Do NatureBox at least once! I think you'll love it. I got so many referrals from posting about mine that I'll get a bunch of free ones. Ew, I promise I didn't mean to sound like I was bragging, but more like convincing you to blog it too so you can get some moolah! My second box should be coming this week. I can email you a pic to see if you're interested in it. :) :)

    So glad you're liking your job. That's such a good feeling.

    I was not an immediate fan of the lemon zest Luna, but tried a sample at the grocery store the other day and fell in love! Second time's a charm? Have you found the carrot cake yet? If not, I'll send you one. I'm always in the mood for sending some blogger love.

  2. Oooh! That's so exciting for you guys! Good luck! I'm afraid its going to be a crazy process...

  3. You've convinced me! I've been intrigued by it for a while now and I know someone who works there and raves about their snacks. Yes, show me the goods!

    Crazy as it sounds, the lemon Luna bar is the ONLY one I've tried! I need to go to Target this week, so I'll check there for the carrot cake, if they don't have it, I'll be sending you my address ;)

  4. ok!
    these are my faves: iced oatmeal raisin, blueberry bliss, carrot cake, chocolate dipped coconut, and chocolate peppermint. :)

  5. Oooh, chocolate peppermint sounds like Christmas.

    BTW: I went to Chick Fil A today to get a Cool Wrap for lunch and they took away the Spicy Cool Wrap! Now I have to settle for the plain one (still good though). Maybe I should carry sriracha in my purse and use that to dip?

  6. glad you are enjoying your new job ;)
    we are excited for blend too!

  7. Oh my goodness...I just did (or shall we say attempted?) your newest plank workout! Made it through two rounds before I called it a day :) Loved it!

  8. YES!!! I like that. I have to warn you, not to be a pest but because I love you...but the wraps are nootttttt healthy. The actual wrap is just terrible. :(

  9. Oh my gosh, THAHNK YOU for telling me this! You are not being a pest, you are looking out for my well being :) Knowledge is so important when it comes to food...I want to hug you now.

  10. as far as the new salads go, they're not bad if you get them with grilled chicken (you have a choice.) the dressings on the other hand are TERRIBLE. i mean you might as well drink mayo. they're higher in calories than the actual salad. use their light italian or you guessed it, sriracha. i buy this carrot & ginger dressing from whole foods that's only 40 cals and it's really good on all the salads. :)

  11. Oh I'm good there, as I usually don't get a dressing. I don't like a lot of them, but I could deal with light italian. I will have to try the carrot and ginger dressing... we know I'm a sucker for ginger. Thanks, friend!

  12. Packing lunches is a doozy! I usually just bring a bag of random lunch things to work on Monday and leave it in the fridge all week so I can mix and match throughout the days. The bag usually contains several yogurts, cheese and crackers, granola bars, sandwich stuff, etc.

  13. I would like to get in on this Luna Bar exchange program. I need Carrot Cake, Coconut, and the Pretzel one. Thank you.

  14. I am currently excited at the prospect of coming to visit your future home. But I will settle for a visit to your current(ly) apartment. Or, well, seeing you at Blend. (That will be enough for now.)

    I think books like The Happiness Project can be hard to get through if we can't exactly relate. I know when I read it I didn't have the same types of life experiences, so it is less accessible. It was like when I tried to watch This is 40. I just couldn't get interested. I tried for about half the movie but it was plotless and I just didn't care.

    I am currently watching season 3 of Glee. And Smash. I obviously currently want to be on Broadway.

  15. do you really? we can totally do an exchange! i can easily get all three of those my dear...like walk into my kitchen. hahah! let me know: christinaorso@gmail.com


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