Apr 9, 2013

Bookmarked - Edition III

It's been a while since I've shared some of my favorite Internet finds...

Links + Blogs

  • 21 Diagrams to Help you Get Through Life. My favorite one is for tea steeping. I had no idea.  
  • I think I lost about 10 Twitter followers when I shared this Tumbler. But I can't help it. It's hilarious. Reasons My Son is Crying
  • My husband's boss is TED speaker. How cool is that? Here's his video on Try Something New for 30 Days. I'm currently during my own 30 day challenge (yoga!) and it's going very well. I plan to write about it when I finish. 
  • Now I know why I liked The Walking Dead so much...it's pretty much the same plot as Toy Story. 
  • In an attempt to figure out my style (right now it's a cross between a beachy Nantucket cottage and a West Elm catalog) I've been reading a lot more home design blogs lately . Through my browsing, I found Chris Loves Julia. Go there. 

GIFs That Make Me Smile

Brandon and I after 10+ years of being together.

When I go home and see my mom's stocked fridge. 

I didn't watch Boys Meets World or Step by Step growing up, I watched The Golden Girls and I Love Lucy with my mom. And I still do.


  1. Definitely checking out the design blog you mentioned and also wishing I understood where to find GIFs or how to use them. I want to use them so badly!

  2. Oh you must check out the little girl's room in that blog. I seriously cannot stop looking at it. It's adorable.

    I just Google'd 'I Love Lucy" gifs and they popped up on some Tumblr blogs. I know there are Tumblrs with all kinds of them, but I don't really know where to find those...

  3. Ohhh this post is why I love you. Let's make a list.

    1. I was in a funk after my workout and that tumblr of the crying baby snapped me out of it. Thank you.
    2.I love diagrams and charts. The beer one was awesome, but I'd prefer to drink everything out of a goblet thank you very much.

    3. The second gif made me laugh out loud bc that is EXACTLY what is going to happen when I go to my grandparents' house this weekend. I might try to take a picture for you. Sometimes when I get there, I just go straight to the pantry and stare at everything. After I hug them, of course.

  4. Please take photographic evidence. A couple of them, maybe we can make a GIF out of it?

    I usually grab for stuff and my mom is like "Stop! I already have a bag of groceries for you over here!". I'm almost 30 years old. This is pathetic.

  5. My favorite thing about your bookmarks is that they open in new windows, so I can open them, look at them, and then comment without having to do a lot of back and forth and page refreshing.

    Did you watch Full House or Saved By The Bell? I can forgive you the others. Well, maybe not Boy Meets World. But Step By Step was sort of lame.


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