Mar 25, 2013

Three Months With My Fitbit

In December, I wrote a review of my newly acquired Fitbit and how impressed I was with it for getting my bum up and moving throughout the day. Back then, my knee was still aggravating me and my formal workouts just weren't happening, so walking was where it was at.


Now, three months and one 80% healed knee later, I'm still obsessed with this little pedometer.

Now that I've had over three months to try it, I thought I'd list the reasons why I still love my Fitbit and why it most likely isn't going anywhere.

Hiking Trail

1. Competition. I love the friendly competition that comes with owning this. Brandon has one and we'll compete with each other. Quite a few of our friends have one too. So when I woke up the other morning and saw that my rank was a little low, I joined Brandon on a hike (that I originally wasn't going to go on). Wasn't about to allow him to take the lead. Nine miles later, we spent some quality time together, soaked up some Vitamin D and got in a great workout, motivated by the Fitbit. Not too shabby for a piece of plastic. I shall name mine Bob Harper.

2. Reminder. Sometimes, I need a good kick in the pants to get moving. Especially now that I'm not working (again - ugh). It's so easy for me to stay in my pajamas all day and focus on my new full time occupation; searching the Internet for a job. It gets so time consuming and before I know it, I haven't had breakfast at 11pm and haven't left the couch (I really do need to a get a proper desk). Instead of just writing the day off, I realize that my Fitbit has a ridiculous embarrassing number (that my friends can see), so I head out for a walk or to the treadmill at the gym. A great reminder to get up and get out.

3. Big Picture. My Fitbit reminds me that every little step does add up and contributes to my big picture of health. I used to think it was so silly when magazines said to just "take the stairs" or "park far away". How are those really going to add up to anything? Well, I've realized that they do if you are consistent. Those steps/stairs show up on your Fitbit and then they suddenly count. On my "rest" days, I still try and aim for a good amount of steps (6,000-8,000) and I do this by taking leisurely walks or simply grabbing a cart and walking down every single aisle of Target (note: this is expensive). Is this going to turn me into a super model? Heck no. But, the Fitbit has taught me that movement is movement and it counts in the long run.

Don't laugh at my hat. My mama bought that for me and it keeps my ears toasty. 

What are your Fitbit goals? I honestly do not pressure myself to get a certain number of steps each day. In the back of my mind, it's nice when I reach 10k steps or more, but like I mentioned above, I do have rest days where my step count is lower and I'm totally fine with that. It all averages out over the week. Some days I get 10K. Some days I don't. I'd say on average, I get about 8K steps a day. Sometimes this is with formal workouts (sprints on the treadmill or elliptical) and sometimes not (long shopping days). Again, I try to keep the big picture in mind: just move more.

What has surprised you most about your Fitbit? I'm shocked that I'm still into this little gadget. I will be honest with you, I bought it for fun at first, then quickly realized it would be helpful to get me moving as I recovered from my injury. So I'm surprised that I'm still interested in the number of steps I get each day and motivated to acquire new badges. I'm also a little shocked that I don't mind wearing it. I hate the idea of having something attached to me at all times, but it's so little and lightweight, I forget I have it on for hours at a time.

Funny story: I wore a lot maxi skirts and dresses in Hawaii and there was no where to attach the darn thing without it being obvious, so Brandon just wore it for me, along with his. We walked about the same distance, so it counted, right? Sometimes that bugger tries to switch ours because I get more steps than him. Good thing they have our names on them.

Long winded today, so I apologize. I just love this silly gadget, obviously.

Oh and umm, I was in no way comped for this review. I bought my Fitbit myself and just wanted to share how much I love it. 


  1. Brittany TrenthamMarch 25, 2013 at 5:58 PM

    I need a FitBit.. I'm lazy.... and I need motivation. :)

  2. Your hat is cute! I need one of those. I'm with you on the whole staying in my PJs half the day and not even realizing it! Especially on the days Cai doesn't have preschool!

  3. Ah I'm so glad that you posted this! Until this weekend I wanted an Up by Jawbone (similar to the FitBit), but changed my mind after seeing all the amazing features of the fitbit. thanks for sharing, you just sealed the deal as to which one I'll go with!

  4. This made me chuckle. A lot. Bob Harper? Love it.

    I've thought about getting a fitbit.

    And then I stopped thinking about it.


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