Mar 24, 2013

Sunday Confessions

Well, howdy. 

1. I did some weightlifting this week and to amp up my heartrate, I decided to do 30 seconds of jumping jacks in between sets. Worst idea ever. My calves are still on fire. If that's what I get for being motivated during a workout, I'll just stick to walking on the treadmill with my book thankyouverymuch.

2. Those snickerdoodles I posted about: lasted three days. There were about 24 of them. There are two us. I'm home all day. Let's not talk about this anymore.

3. You know that hair dryer that I swore I'd be sending back because it cost a small fortune? Kept it.

4. I applied for six jobs this week. Heard nothing. My motivation to look for more: zero.

5. I have to drive to San Francisco on Tuesday for a meeting. I'm already freaking out because the last time I drove there I almost hit a biker on Market Street and accidentally drove in the trolly lane. So traumatic. You can take the girl out of the country...


  1. sorry about the job search, hang in there, something will pop up that is perfect.

  2. Thank you so much! I'm certain it will, too :)

  3. I'm so confused... I thought you got a job??

  4. I did. But, it turned out to be something completely different than what I had interviewed for, so after a week, I decided move on and find something else. It was such a huge disappointment :(

  5. Brittany TrenthamMarch 25, 2013 at 6:00 PM

    I thought you already had a job... did I miss something?!?!

  6. You're right. I did have one, but it didn't work out. I started and quickly realized that it was nothing like they had described to me in my interview...basically not at all what I had wanted. If I had known the facts beforehand, I would have never accepted it. Such a huge disappointment.

  7. It's funny reading this, because I know how some of these confessions turn out later. I feel like I have a crystal ball. Maybe I should let months pass in between reading your blog ALL the time? [Kidding. That would be sad.]

    I do not, however, know if you killed anyone when you drove into San Fran. I'm assuming not since our outside-of-the-blog-comment-section communication has not wavered while you went to jail.

  8. The verbiage of that last sentence is wrong, grammatically, but I'm not going to fix it.

    OK, I am. I should have said DID not waver.


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