Mar 3, 2013

Sunday Confessions: Hawaii Edition

Makena Beach

1. We stayed on California time for our vacation which meant going to bed at 8pm and waking up at 7am. Yes, we averaged about 11 hours a sleep every single night.

2. We have precisely 6 loads of laundry to do today. It takes 3 hours for us to wash and dry a single (small) load in our apartment's washer and dryer. I'm going to the apartment laundromat even though I detest that place.

3. On Thursday, we woke up at 1:30am, drove to the top of Mount Haleakala and arrived at 4am. We braved the 20 degree temperatures to watch the sunrise. I can't say it was worth it. A sunrise is like a sunset, only opposite.

4. Usually, after vacation, I'm ready to go home. Back to my bed. Back to my schedule. Back to my workouts. Back to "normal" food. This time, not so much. I might have held back tears in the airport.

5. We watched Chasing Maverick's on the plane ride and that's when I cried. Oh the ending. Big fat tears. I ran to the bathroom before anyone (including Brandon) could see them. I hate to cry in front of my husband because I feel like such a pansy. I must also confess that I have a crush on the blonde kid in that movie, who can't be more than 20 years old. Blonde haired boys with curly hair = adorable.

6. When we arrived in Maui, we stopped by Safeway for snacks. We purchased a bag Tostitos with lime, two bags of Flavored Blasted Goldfish, fruit snacks, and Nature Valley granola bars. We came back with only three granola bars. I ate all the goldfish myself - two whole bags. And more than my share of fruit snacks. I am five years old.

7. I got the best news ever in Hawaii this week. (No Sarah, I am not pregnant.) I will share more soon.

For all my Hawaii phone photos, you can check out my album here. I may have Instrgrammed more than half of them here


  1. I think I know this good news! ;) eeekkk!

  2. Good news?!?! Wait. If I don't know it by now, then I am sad. And clearly wrapped up in my own narcissism.

    I never want to return from vacation. Even if it is just a trip home to visit my parents. I think this says something about my satisfaction with my current life. [And OK, I like to come home from my parents so I can be back to my food and my stuff, but other than that...]


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