Mar 9, 2013

Stitch Fix v.3.0

Third time's the charm! Settle in, this is a long one.

Full disclosure: after my last Stitch Fix post, which I wasn't too pleased with, one of their reps contacted me and offered me a $25 credit towards my next box. Umm, who could say no to that? So for this box, my $20 styling fee was covered plus $5 credit if I decided to purchase something in my box. They also re-assigned my stylist, who is now Margaret - my new best friend. Major props to their customer service department as this was totally unexpected.

Let's dig in.

Stitch Fix #3

I see pretty colors!

1. Gold Spear Earrings - $38

I'm wearing these earrings in all the photos and I love them! So simple and classy looking. But, since I just forked out $25 for new earrings in Hawaii, I decided to pass.

2. Olive and Oak Tahlia Striped Sleeved Top - $68

Stitch Fix #3

Before I even tried this on, I knew I wanted it. The orange and navy color combination is a favorite of mine (and U.Va fans) and it just looked so flowy and fun.

Stitch Fix #3
[ pants: GAP slim cropped pants | cami: Tees by Tina | ballet flats: Mossimo for Target ]

Styled with my beloved boyfriend jeans:

Stitch Fix #3
[ jeans: GAP boyfriend jeans | cami: Tees by Tina | wedges: Jessica Simpson ]

I actually think this top looks better in person; the colors are richer and it looks a little less busy. It's also sheer, so you can see lot of the cami underneath.

Speaking of camis, let me take a moment to rave about Tees by Tina. I picked up this cami at my friend's boutique and it's all sorts of amazing. It's soft, comfy, and kind of smooths everything out. You can buy it and other tees from the website. They are a little pricey for a tank, but I think they are worth every penny. I wash mine in a lingerie bag because it's pretty priceless to me.

3. Greylin Robin Sleeveless Button Up - $78

Stitch Fix #3

I was a little meh on this when I pulled it out. Different. So very different. Maybe even a little weird. I immediately thought of "Put a Bird on It".

But then I tried it on. And I fell in love.

Stitch Fix #3
[ pants: GAP slim cropped pants | cami: Tees by Tina | cardigan: GAP outlet | ballet flats: Mossimo for Target ]

You guys. I would have never, ever picked this out for myself. In fact, I would have probably laughed at it on the rack. But I immediately knew it was a keeper after I tried it on under my purple cardigan.

Styled again with my boyfriend jeans:

Stitch Fix #3

Not to sound too melodramatic, but this is what Stitch Fix is all about. Nailed it, Margaret.

4. Navy Tulip Tunic - $~78

Stitch Fix #3

Another fun and unexpected print! I never pictured myself loving crazy prints, but my new stylist might know me better than I know myself.

Stitch Fix #3

I liked this top a lot and debated on keeping it, but it was a little long without the belt. I loved the print and found the v-neck to be very flattering, so it was a hard decision to let it go.

5. Polka Dot Print Skinny Jean - $88

Stitch Fix #3

These jeans aren't something I would ever consider trying, but again, I like that. It's what this service is all about. The polka dot print is subtle enough to wear with other prints and not too distracting.

But, finding jeans to fit me is one of my biggest clothing nightmares.

Stitch Fix #3
[ top: GAP Fluid Roll-Sleeve Tee | tank: Tees by Tina | shoes: TOMS Crochet Classics

So I was a little shocked. Okay, a lot shocked, when I pulled them on. Not too long (and believe me that never happens) and while a little snug in the legs, they seemed to fit fairly well. But alas, not a perfect fit. I thought the pockets in the back were a little too small and the rise was a bit off - too long in the front and too low in the back.

Overall, I was quite impressed with these though. Had they fit just a tad better, I probably would have kept the entire box, but I couldn't justify spending $88 on jeans that were slightly off.

So what did I keep?

I kept the navy and orange top and of course, the bird tank. This box totally redeemed the first two boxes and I really appreciated how wonderful the customer service was. I hope that they continue to match me up with Margaret and deliver more fun boxes like this one :)

Final thoughts and closet GPA.  Beware: rambling ahead. 

It goes without saying that I still love Stitch Fix. I love playing with my Style Profile. I love the anticipation of what's in my next box. I love trying on clothes in the comfort of my own home and with what is already in my closet. Though, and I've mentioned this previously, the clothing is a bit pricey.

I generally don't spend much on my clothing...or rather, I tend buy a lot of clothing pieces that are cheap. As I cleaned out my closet after this Fix, I realized that my cheap clothing was getting chucked on a regular basis (usually 2-3 seasons). They pill. They fade. They stretch.

Stitch Fix #3
Goodbye old ratty sweaters and faded tee shirts. 

So I think Stitch Fix will help me invest (slowly) in a few higher quality pieces that won't see the Goodwill pile for a long long time...while at the same time, increasing my closet GPA. I love this concept. Basically, it's a quality versus quantity concept. Having less pieces in your closet that make you happy is better than a fully stocked closet with old, sad clothing.

Stitch Fix #3

Also, it's much easier to get dressed in the morning when you don't have as much to choose from and what you do have are all items you happen to love.

Increase that closet GPA, friends!

For more information on Stitch Fix, check out my first post. Also if you would like to sign up via my referral link, you can do that here. If you'd prefer not to use a referral, you can simply head to their website here and request an invite. 

Spill. What did you like or dislike? 

What is your current closet GPA?
I would give mine about a 3.5 on a 4.0 scale (I'm such a nerd). I have few more things to part with, but I need find suitable replacements first. I have a hard time parting with clothes that mean something to me (like the dress from my bridal shower or a sweater my mom helped me pick out), but I'm learning to suck it up for the 4.0 Closet GPA.


  1. Love these items!!

    The bird shirt is so cool! You'd fit right in in Portlandia ;)

    I can't believe you're not keeping the tulip shirt, because tulips are just awesome ;)

    The polka dot jeans are really cute on you! too bad they aren't a good fit.. Maybe you could try to find a pair just like it that are a better fit! Also love that mint green shirt in the last picture.. That color just makes me instantly happy.

    Margaret sure did an awesome job!

    My closet GPA would probably be a -16 by someone else's standards. It basically looks like I'm a crazy hoarder.. ;) But just like any hoarder will tell you, I know perfectly fine where everything is and I don't mind my closet being a mess! ;) It's actually fun to find a piece of clothing you'd completely forgotten! :P

  2. Emma! You don't know how happy it made me to see your name pop up here. I miss you. xoxo.

    I'd totally be down for moving to Portland, sporting my bird shirt. Yes, I loved the tulips (and totally get why love them too!), but the shirt was a little long and kind of overwhelmed my torso. Also, I didn't want to spend so much money as I just had to invest in a new hair dryer. Mint green is my favorite color this season. I also have mint green jeans! Also, GAP (who I obviously love) has polka dot jeans, so I'm going to order a pair since their jeans do fit me very well and they have petite sizes. You know Mom loves polka dots, so they will make her happy too.

    Your comment regarding your closet GPA had me literally cracking up. It's just so you and your personality. I love it. I love you.

    I really need to come visit you.

  3. I love the blog! But I rarely find time to comment :( I usually read it on my phone while on the bus or something :P and I miss you too!! :(

    I can't really think of anyone I know that could rock a pair of polka dot jeans except for you, so you should totally go for it! :P Really cute! :D and yes, your mom will love them too! I like all your clothes! I know you are kind of trying to find your style, but I always like what you wear! :D

    I love you too! And you really do need to visit soon! :D Too bad about the tulip shirt, it sure would've come in handy at the keukenhof! ;)

  4. That striped shirt is cute! And I share every one of your bird shirt sentiments. I would definitely pass it up and laugh at it at the store but gosh does it look great on you! What a fun piece! Hooray for great customer service!

  5. I love the polka dot skinnies!! They are so cute!

  6. LOVE those clothes! They are all so you...which is funny since you didn't think they were at first. :) My closet GPA is DISMAL. I have an impossible time with quality over quantity, and I must have some deep rooted fear of nakedness or something because I have a really difficult time getting rid of ANYTHING. I'm working towards trying to refine my closet, because since I never know what to wear, I really would benefit from having only a few, great choices--all of which I love.


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