Mar 29, 2013

Inspired by Easter

Happy Good Friday and Easter Weekend! We are headed north to Sacramento tomorrow to check out the massive daffodils fields and enjoy the beautiful weather that California has decided to finally bring to us. I cannot wait.

I pulled together some of my favorite Easter-inspired gifts that would be just perfect for a grown-up Easter basket.

Easter Inspired

1. J.Crew Factory Sleeveless Popover Blouse - 49.50
I recently discovered the button up blouses do not work for me. I have narrow shoulders and the chest of a 11 year old girl. But, I do really a love colored button up for under cardigans. Sleeveless blouses are the trick. They are flattering and get rid of all that extra bulk from sleeves.

2. World Market Bicycle Print Recycled Tarp Lumbar Throw Pillow - 29.99
Confession: I don't ride a bike very well. I will do it, but the whole time I'm shaky and nervous. I had too many falls as a child I suppose. But this bike pillow does nothing but make my heart flutter. So adorable and affordable.

3. Anthropologie Lace-Yoke Dress - 110.40
You guys. This dress. Every Easter as a child, I'd get a new Easter dress to wear to church. Almost always pastel and almost always ruffled. One year, I even got a matching purse and lace gloves! Oh I wish I could find that photo for you. But this dress. Throw on a royal blue cardigan and a chunky necklace and hello grown-up Easter dress.

4. World Market Plum Hobnail Highball Glasses - 12.76 (set of 4)
The Crate and Barrel water glasses we registered for from our wedding are now discontinued. And I've already broken one. Whomp. Whomp. I'd love to replace them slowly with these super girly highball glasses from World Market. And they are so much more affordable. Now I just need pristine white glass cabinets in which to display them. Oh and a husband who doesn't mind drinking out of pink glasses. Minor details.

5. GAP Poplin Swiss Dot Ruffle Capris - 34.95
Pastel. Check. Polka dots. Check. Pop or coral. Check. I need these super cute pajamas pants. I love how the bottoms are cinched. There is nothing more annoying that waking up with your pajama pants scrunched to your thighs at night.

5. Gardeners Supply Egg Soaps - 21.95
I purchased some egg shaped bird seed from Gardener's Supply for Brandon's grandmother (we call her Na Na - she makes the best lemon pound cake in the world) for Christmas last year. I love this family-owned company. And these egg soaps? Adorable. They come in pear cassis, green tea, mandarin orange, and goat's milk bran. Just how freaking cute would these be in an Easter basket?

What grown-up Easter goodies are you pining for this season?


  1. Oooh that J Crew blouse is preeeeety. Their factory stores are having a sale this weekend!

  2. That blouse did make me think of your - similar cut to the one you wore on St. Patrick's Day, I think!

    Please don't tell me credit card and I have been very good this week ;)

  3. Brittany TrenthamMarch 30, 2013 at 8:46 AM

    I love all these!! Can you go shopping with me?? ;)

  4. Yeah. I WISH I got an Easter basket. I don't want to talk about the first year my cousin and I didn't wake up to find one, while the younger cousins still had their artificially colored plastic grass filled beauties awaiting them on Easter morning. I'm just saying you need to WARN a kid (or college student--still kids) before you take that treasure away.


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