Feb 18, 2013

Yoga Meltdown

JM Yoga Meltdown - 1

Been a bit obsessed with this DVD lately. I used to "practice" yoga at a fancy studio a few times a week and I really did love it. Unfortunately, it shut down (John Friend anusara drama) and I've been left with a yoga-void. Luckily, I picked this up at Target for $9 and have had my yoga fix at home.

Warning: this is not normal yoga. No chanting. No meditation. No nonsense. Just a lot of calorie burn and shaking arms and legs.

In fact, since I've been doing yoga Jillian-style, I haven't touched the weights in the gym. And I haven't felt like I needed to. Body weight training, as JM describes, is extremely effective and believe it or not, I've been sore from these workouts.

JM Yoga Meltdown - 2

What I Like:

  • It is no nonsense. I don't do yoga for its meditative benefits, which is why Yoga Meltdown is a good fit for me. You are working out and sweating the entire time. No oms. No complicated breathing techniques. Expect to be exhausted afterwards. Expect to grunt during. 
  • It's hard. I used to think that at-home workouts were supposed to be easy. Not with this. There are many poses in this DVD that I have yet to master (crow, holding chatarunga for 15 seconds) and am still doing the modified versions.
  • There are modified versions. There are two assistants working out with JM and one of them shows modified versions of the moves that are a bit easier. On the flip side, there's another assistant who is kicking butt and doing super difficult versions of the moves that you can strive for. It's inspiring. 
  • You break a sweat. I've taken plenty of yoga classes that I've enjoyed, but left feeling like I still needed to do a "real" workout that day. Not with this. 30 minutes and boom: you are done for the day and you will be sore tomorrow. 
  • Levels 1 and 2 complement each other. Level 1 seems focuses on arms and shoulders and Level 2 focuses on your legs and abs, so if you are inclined (and a little crazy) you can do both back to back for a full body workout. That being said, they are both super effective on their own.
  • Jillian's mantras. Ever heard "You've got to get comfortable with being uncomfortable"? Makes me laugh every time she says it in this video. 

JM Yoga Meltdown - 3

She knows she's funny (and ripped).

What I Dislike:

  • It's not for beginners. I am so glad I had a decent yoga background before I purchased this. If not, I would have had no idea how to do some of these moves effectively (she doesn't give much direction- another con) and would have been beyond frustrated. 
  • Not a lot direction. To piggy-back off that, Jillian doesn't take a lot of your time explaining how to do a certain move - it seems as if she'd rather keep you moving. If you are familiar with Warrior II and Sun Salutations (among other typical yoga poses), this is no big deal. If you aren't, I'd suggest watching the video first before you actually try it. But in all fairness, I've never been closer to holding Crow than I have with Jillian's instructions. Something she said about it just clicked and I got up there (for a split second and then fell on my head). 
  • Repetitive. Duh. It's a at-home workout DVD. I kind of wish she'd have three levels (like 30 Day Shred) for some more variety. But I can totally handle 30 minutes of the same workout if I don't do them back to back. 

The results: After doing these yoga workouts 2-3 times a week and a few stints on the treadmill or elliptical a few times a week, I've gotten noticeably stronger, leaner and have been maintaining my weight without dieting (always a plus). I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has a bit of a yoga background and  is looking for a difficult workout without having to lift weights. I'm no trainer or expert, but I am a believer in Jillian and this DVD - cheesy as it sounds. 

What's your favorite type of yoga?


  1. Haley @ The Saucy AppleFebruary 19, 2013 at 7:19 AM

    Hey Girly! You're going to Blend Retreat! Me too! Ahhhh!

    Okay, now that I got that out of the way. I love yoga, and I definitely go through phases with it where I'll go every day for a week (well, every other day... okay, maybe twice) and then I won't go at all. BUT yoga is still my all-time favorite way to get my workout in. Like you said, it tones your muscles without lifting weights. I think what I love most of all is how it makes me feel. Centered. Peaceful. Like everything could crumble beneath me and I'd still be okay. And on a side note, I have tried this DVD! I really like Jillian, but I find that I enjoy yoga more when I see other people doing it around me. It's hard for me to stick to a regular at-home yoga routine.

    Anywho, happy yoga-ing!

  2. Sarah @ The Smart KitchenFebruary 19, 2013 at 9:31 AM

    Oh my goodness, this sounds perfect for me...except I don't have a lot of yoga background. As in, the class we took at Blend last year was my first one. But I really want something more focused on toning and less on meditation...I might have to look into it anyway and just hope for the best. [While also purchasing a yoga mat?]

  3. Hmmm...sounds interesting!! May have to give this one a try :-). I teach a WholyFit class three times a week (which is a Christian-based fusion alternative to yoga), but it sounds like this could be a great fill-in on my off days! Thanks for sharing...

  4. I LOVE the concept of a yoga class for Christians. I always had a weird feeling about attending Western-based classes and wasn't about the oms and chanting (and singing!). I'll have to look up this class and see if there are any in my area.

  5. Oh, you will be totally fine! I would say that if you didn't have ANY background in yoga, you might be a little lost because you have to keep looking at the screen, but you can do this no prob :)

    If you don't have a mat, JM says you can just use carpet or any non-slip surface :) Let me know if you try it!

  6. I cannot wait to meet you at Blend! I went last year and had a wonderful time!

    I got through phases with certain types of workouts as well. One month I'll be into circuits and the next spinning. It ebbs and flows, but at least I don't get bored that way! My previous yoga classes were meditative and I did like that to a certain extent because I felt great, but sometimes I just want someone to push me in a good workout - which is why this DVD was great for me!

  7. rebecca @ blueberry smilesFebruary 19, 2013 at 1:38 PM

    i love doing yoga videos at home and this one looks great! I don't usually break a sweat, so that would be a great added benefit

  8. I need a good yoga video! I have only done the 1st workout, but now I want to get the DVDs to do the 2nd one!

  9. Despite the fact that I'm annoyed at Jillian endorsing supplements/weight loss pills...you made me want to buy this!! I miss reading about your life when I'm busy with school and just popped over to grab your link since I mention you (however briefly) in my wiaw post.

    Much love! <3

  10. Oh goodness - I had no idea she promoted weight loss pills. Tsk Tsk. What people will do for money...

    I hope school is going well for you and I love when you stop by and say hi! <3


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