Feb 9, 2013

Stitch Fix v.2.0

Box number two arrived yesterday!

[If you would like more information on how Stitch Fix works, please refer to this post.]

To be honest, when I opened this box, I was a little underwhelmed. All the clothes were so dark and moody. Like Twilight. And Twilight, well, it was so 2012.

Stitch Fix8

I tried a few things on and showed them off to Brandon. Aftwards, I was still a bit disappointed and put them back in the box, thinking I had wasted my $20 styling fee. Today, I decided to read the styling cards carefully and use their suggestions on how to wear the items. I liked a lot of the items much better after this. Lesson: use your styling cards!


Stitch Fix1

Blog readers, meet my pasty white legs. Hot.

You can't tell, but this dress has an inner layer cami-like slip. It's clingy and comfy. It also has a pleated top, which I loved and a flattering tie waist. That's where the love stopped. The slip kept riding up (maybe it was too small?) and it was really awkward wearing a dress with two layers, meaning it was hard to get on and off. Also, I have a few little black dresses in my closet, so this was a no go. If it had been about $50 cheaper, I may have gone for it, but I didn't think it was worth $88.


Stitch Fix2

To be honest, when I pulled this out, I kind of hated it. I didn't like the texture or the scalloping. So I looked at the style card to give me ideas and it said to tuck it into a skirt. I grabbed my mustard skirt and did just that. I liked it a bit more after that and thought it was a great idea...

Since I already embarrassed myself enough with the blinding legs, I'll present to you my incredibly wrinkled skirt.

Stitch Fix3


Results: Eh. Not a huge fan. Of either the shirt or the skirt (yes, I own it). Someone please come and iron these pleats. I've tried, believe me.


Stitch Fix4

I really wanted to love this shirt. It's so different than what I normally buy as I stick to well fitted cardigans and tees. I love the 3/4 sleeve length and it was oh so comfy. But, let's face it, it's doing nothing for my pear-shaped body. I tried the tuck-into-skirt trick I learned two minute before and that was a bust as well. What do you think? I can I pull off the loose top look? Maybe add heels?


Stitch Fix5

When I tried this one on first the night before, I thought it might be the winner. I love stripes and 3/4th sleeves and it the fabric is incredibly soft. It's like a pajama top. But, a few things are holding me back. One: the scoop neck is something I'd constantly be conscious of as it's very close to showing more than I'd like to show. Two: the length is long and I don't believe it's too flattering on me. Comfy, yes. Flattering, not quite. Brandon liked this one, but said that from the back it looks like I'm wearing a dress with jeans.


Stitch Fix6

Verdict: no. Sads.

Stitch Fix7

Mmm, this cardigan. Like wrapping up in a blanket. It's an army green and black striped cardigan with 3/4th length sleeves (again, love those) and it's just so comfy cozy. I paired with a black tee and just kept my mint pants on because I was tired at this point. I think it might go better with jeans. We'll see. This was Brandon's pick as well as he said it's very different than my Mr. Rogers cardigan collection. He's right. Darn him.

Ding-ding, we have a winner!


I paired the cardigan with my boyfriend jeans, black tee and some wedges and liked it even more. Any other ideas how to wear this?

Stitch Fix Edit


I thought this might be my last Stitch Fix because honestly, the price of these clothes are a bit more than what I normally spend. I'm an outlet shopping kind of girl. But, my closet is a what you might expect from this GAP fiend  - plain, boring and uninteresting clothing. I need help and variety. So, I do want to see if the third time is the charm. I'm not a quitter.

To get an invite to Stitch Fix click here for my affiliated link. If you prefer a non-affiliated link, you can click here.

Be honest, which one is your favorite?


  1. I like #3 the best but it looks too big and #4 is cute if it wasn't ridiculously long. The plight of us short girls, right? You've inspired me, maybe I should share my latest buys because I absolutely LOVE them.

  2. Oh my gosh, YES! Please. I need ideas and apparently Stitch Fix doesn't really get me :(

  3. I liked the other box SO much more. I don't really see you in any of these things. I think Brandon was right about that long striped shirt. It fits weird...MUCH more like a dress. You look cute in everything, but nothing is screaming 'MUST HAVE!' I like this whole concept a lot, but I think there is something to having a friend or someone who actually KNOWS you style you. Maybe?

  4. Yes, the other box was a lot more encouraging. I don't really think they "get" my style and have completely ignored the fact that I'm 4'11". I think I'll stick to shopping with friends and reading my favorite petite fashion blogs for advice. Also, these prices! Geesh!

  5. Great choice on the cardigan! I still haven't made the leap with using stitch fix yet. Am I indesicive or what?

  6. Oh no. I was the same way. I had the invite for about three weeks before I scheduled my first. I will say that it's addictive though even though I don't LOVE everything I get...its the excitement of getting a package full of potentially amazing stuff that makes me continue with it. So just a warning :)

  7. I REALLY want to try stitch fix, but I feel like the prices are way too much for what I like spending. I'm such a thrifter & bargain shopper that it pains me to think of spending $25 bucks on a scarf. Would you honestly recommend giving it atleast one try or no?

  8. Hi Alicia! You know, I'm in the same boat. I love a good deal and often have price points that I won't budge on ($50 for a pair of pants, $20 for a shirt, etc.), and Stitch Fix is definitely on the high range of what I normally spend on clothes. That being said, I consider the "fun" factor that is brings. Honestly, and this may sound silly, but it's entertaining for me to anticipate what will be in my box and I enjoy trying the clothes on with what I own. So I consider part of the money coming from my entertainment budget. I think it's fun to do a few times a year to build up or add variety to your wardrobe. I'd recommend it for that - the experience - and not necessarily the deals.


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