Feb 21, 2013

Mini Makeover: Bathroom Counter

If you feel like your home is stuck in a rut or if you are like us and are in total limbo between the "Are we moving or are we not?" stage, remember that there are some super small changes you can make to spruce up your space.

My problem: The bathroom counter. Now, Brandon and I are really organized and clean people. We never leave anything out on our bathroom counter and it's always clean of brushes, makeup and hair products. But our counter was looking pretty dull.

Here's the before:

Before Bathroom Display

I picked up these two containers at CB2 a few years ago (they used to have lids, but those shattered when I was cleaning them one day). Yawn. 

So I simply added a white tray from the Target dishes section ($8.99).

After Bathroom Display

And my Anthropologie mug to hold my makeup brushes ($8.00).

Makeup Brush Mug - 2

I loved this mug, but it wasn't very useful for sipping tea. The thumb hole is small and awkwardly placed. Also, the mug gets very hot and just overall wasn't functional. But, cute as button, obviously.

Makeup Brush Mug

So re-purposing it was the next best thing. My makeup brushes were stuffed in my makeup bag and now, they are easy to access and (in my humble opinion), pretty cute on display.

There you have it. $16 and a much better looking bathroom counter and some added functionality.

Anthro fans: what is your favorite find there?


  1. Maybe you could add glass beads from the craft store so the brushes stick out a little more. And I love looking at anthro things but never actually buying stuff, haha. I'm in the same rut as we may move in a year and I don't want to invest in a space I won't be staying in for long so I try to find things I will always want to keep. I bought straight edge canisters like the ones you have but they have metal lids from Container Store.

  2. Great idea! I have some more brushes to add too which should help.

    The Container Store is another weakness of mine...

  3. We are super clutter free too... to a fault. Come help me decorate?? :)

  4. Sarah @ The Smart KitchenFebruary 27, 2013 at 10:45 AM

    You are too cute. I mean, I honestly don't even think about the state of my counters, except to notice that I should probably clean them.

    I am a clutter QUEEN. I think I really just need someone to come throw all of my 'stuff' away. How about you?


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