Feb 14, 2013

Gallery Wall Progress

Even though we plan to move out of our apartment this year, I was growing a bit tired of our wall hangings. If you recall, I started a gallery wall last year and was slowly adding to it, but it never came to completion. Not a big surprise to me.

Yesterday, I finally decided to bite the bullet. Well, just a nibble I suppose.

Here's the wall I wanted to re-do.

Before Gallery Wall Progress

As you can see, it's blah. I thought spray painting the frames white would be a good starting point.

Orchard Supply had their spray paint on sale for $3.99, so I figured it was worth a shot.

Spray Paint

I must admit that this is my first time spray painting anything. It was fun, but I went a little heavy on the first coat and had some drips. It wasn't too noticeable, so no biggie.

Spray Painting

Anyway, after all was said and done, and two frames were painted white, I got to work on organizing the wall and making some frame swaps around the apartment.

First, I didn't like how the ink map of Blacksburg print looked in a white frame. It looked a lot better in the black frame, how it originally was. Whomp - whomp.

So I switched out a lemon print and put it in a nice metal frame we had near the kitchen. Actually, it serves as a dual-purpose, because there's the eye-sore known as our phone jack behind it.

Gallery Wall Progress 1

For the cute jellyfish print, I did like the look of the white frame, so it went under our old VA map print. It bothers me a little bit that the frames don't match, but I think if I add one more white frame to this wall, it will make sense.

Gallery Wall Progress 3

Finally, the gallery wall. First, I decided to change my direction with it and make it more family-centric. Mr. Owl print and two of the wedding prints were out (I'll figure out a better place for those or ditch them altogether).

If you recall, this was my vision last year:

Photo Frame Wall

And here's what I ended with as of yesterday.

Gallery Wall Progress 5

A lot simpler. We had our wedding photo professionally framed last summer and had yet to hang it, so I started with that and built my way out. It's classy and simple and my vision is to turn it into a family gallery wall, with old black and white photos of our parents and grandparents.

The old photo on the left is my mom's 1st grade school photo (funny story behind it here) and the other prints are simply scrapbook paper form Michael's. Hardly sentimental, but they are great fillers until we can find some more older photos of our families. I need to get this one below printed out and added. It's a photo of my grandparents when they were young.


Aren't they cute? I think they were dating here and only teenagers before he was shipped to WWII with the Navy.

When I go home this June, I'll collect some more older photos from Brandon's side of the family and continue to collect frames. I think I'll do a eclectic array of frames in antique white, silver, and black instead of all white, which I think can look a little too young for this project.

Speaking of wall hangings, when and if we get a new house, I am dying to do a wall of plates. Like this:

I'm sure you can find all sorts of fun plates at thrift shops or do a wall of all white plates in different shapes. So many possibilities.

So progress, right?


  1. rebecca @ blueberry smilesFebruary 16, 2013 at 6:48 AM

    The wall looks terrific! I love it. The photo of your grandparents is adorable and so special. We can't hang things on our walls (they're cement), but as soon as we move, I really want to do a family photo wall too

  2. Oooh, Cement walls sound kind of cool. I've always wanted a brick accent wall, but they aren't too common out here :)

  3. Sarah @ The Smart KitchenFebruary 19, 2013 at 9:26 AM

    I actually love the idea of framing the scrapbook paper. I often love the designs I find on those but never really know what to do with them since I don't scrapbook. Of course, I don't actually hang things on walls either, so...

  4. haha I was going to say the same thing! However, I did used to scrapbook but now I just have all this fun paper and things in a box at my dad's. That Maria sure is a creative one! :)

  5. Haha. I guess I should admit that the scrapbook paper idea was totally not mine. I read it on a blog!

    But you can pretty much frame anything pretty these days. Postcards, thank you notes, napkins. Great fillers in between your "real" art.


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