Jan 15, 2013

Real Age vs. Calendar Age

Have any of you ever read The Curious Case of Casey Malone on Daily Garnish? I adore Emily's blog; her writing, recipes, and Cullen updates, but this is quite possibly one of my favorite posts on her site. Casey, her husband, wrote not only about his journey to becoming a healthier person, but this phenomenon of real age versus calendar age.

Intrigued, I Google'd it to see if I can find my own stats. What I came up with were two tests: a shorter test and a lengthier, more involved test. I took both because you can never have too much information.

But first, what in the world am I talking about? Real age? Calendar age? The concept is simple:

  • Real age is based upon your overall health, habits, mental health, and social health. 
  • Calendar age is simply how old you are based upon when you were born. The two can be way off.

The Tests

  • Oprah's shorter version can be found here. (No sign up required.)
  • The Real Age full version can be found here. (Sign up with email address required.)

As I expected, my results varied. For Oprah's short test, I clocked in my real age at 24. Not bad, considering my calendar age is 29. The Real Age Test was much more involved. It looked at my health stats (it's helpful to know your blood pressure, waist size, weight, etc.), medical history, family medical history, social life, mental health and even how much money you make. With the more-involved test, I clocked in at 28, just one year under my calendar age. 

In Summary:
  • Calendar age: 29
  • Oprah's test: 24
  • Real Age test: 28

Now, this certainly isn't not bad news and obviously, I'm taking this information with a grain of salt, but I want my Real Age Test score to be lower and I know there are things I need to work on. What's helpful with the full version test is that is saves your results and you can go back and take it as many times you want. So when certain changes in my life are made (i.e. get a job, get more involved in my community, fix my knee problem, ect.), I can go back and re-answer some questions, which will lower my real age. 

I just have to make those changes. Here's what I'm thinking:
  • Use prescription for physical therapy for my knee and do it. I've been putting it off thinking that I could the exercises myself, but I'm not succeeding. 
  • Find a job. In progress...
  • Work on friendship. The test asks how many of your close friends you actually see during the week. Since most of my close friends and family live on the opposite coast, I rarely see them. So, my best bet is to continue to build a better network of friends here in the Bay Area. I plan to not turn down invitations and being more of a joiner, which is hard for this introverted, loves-her-alone-time person. 
  • Manage stress. I get anxious and upset over the smallest of things and I need to manage those feelings and take a step back. 

One of my dearest friends (and my brother's girlfriend) lives in Maastrict, Netherlands. We are lucky if we see each other twice a year!

As you can see, my list consists of changes that do not involved eating healthier (I eat healthy for the most part) or working out more (I stay active, even if my workouts aren't planned or at the gym). While we all know those are important, this test makes you think about things that are often overlooked when it comes to your health. For you, it might sleeping more or having less petty fights with your husband. We all strive to eat healthy and workout, but there is so much more to it.

Drinking more water: chheck. Exercise: check. 

If you take one of the tests, let me know what you thought of it. Were you surprised by your results?

Again, I think there are probably more scientific ways (if there's any way of knowing at all) to calculate your Real Age, but I found this test to be very thorough and at the very least, a good wake up call to take care of your whole self. 


  1. I'm happy to help you manage friendships in the Bay Area :)

  2. Haha. Much appreciated. We still on for the YHL book signing?

  3. Interesting! Sounds like you've got a plan!
    Oh and I love you!! :D

  4. <3 you, too! I'm still contemplating flying over there to visit you soon :)

    Life is short!

  5. You suckered me in! I only had 5 minutes before going to feed and crazy toddler, so I just took the Oprah test. It said I was more than 5 years younger than my calendar age (wahoo), but I really want to take the full one. I'll have to do that later!

    ...ps, does checking in with internet friends count as growing friendships? Orrrr does it just label me a nerd?
    ...don't answer that. ;)

  6. I can't help but love taking tests about myself!

    Haha. I'm not sure that Internet friends count as much as real life friends, but I do happen to believe they count...in one way or another :) The test seemed to focus on how often you physically SEE your friends, which for me, yikes - not that often.

  7. I just had to take this... lol I just took the Oprah test, and it said I was more than 5 years younger!! I'm not complaining!! :) You know I'm a sucker for these things!


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