Jan 5, 2013

Life Lessons of 2013

1st Life Lesson of 2013: Pay attention and/or buy a neon suitcase

The five hour flight from Washington Dulles to San Francisco International was a long one. I usually sleep on flights, but this one, I didn't manage to get any shut eye until 40 minutes before we landed. So when I was abruptly awakened to the sound of "we are in our initial descent" and the blinding overhead lights they so graciously turned on, I was still groggy. I paid no attention at all to the passenger in front of me as he headed off the plane with my suitcase in tow. Insert: panic mode. I ran down the jetway and caught up with him, with Brandon at my heels. Alls well that ends well, but I will be paying more attention from now on and am thinking of having my suitcase embroidered with something loud and obnoxious on it.

2nd Life Lesson of 2013: Appreciate

We landed at 11:05pm and the Super Shuttle dropped us off at our apartment at 1am PST (make that 4am EST - the time zone I was on). To say I was dead to the world at 9am yesterday morning when my alarm went off is an understatement. Brandon, World's Most Tech Savvy Husband, had woken up early to head to work (bless his heart), took the time to set up my new Mac Book Air to our wireless network so I'd have Internet all day. Appreciated. 

3rd Life Lesson of 2013: Go with your gut. 

My gut/intuition (whatever you call it) was speaking loud and clear today and I listened. Sometimes I feel like we overlook our feelings because that's easier than embracing them. But if 2012 taught me anything, it's that being happy and fulfilled comes from stepping out of your comfort zone and making hard decisions. So I made the difficult decision today of turning down the temporary position that I would be starting next week. I need more time to figure out what I want to do with my career and jumping into a stressful position would not allow me to do that. With the blessings of those nearest and dearest, I'm taking some time off to network, volunteer, and search. I don't want my next job to be something I already dread going to. I want it to excite me and motivate me. That's what I'll be searching for. 

Also, I still have full intentions of buying a super cool lunchbox, because that did actually excite me. 

When was the last time you got a gut feeling about something and had to change course?

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  1. Sarah @ The Smart KitchenJanuary 9, 2013 at 11:27 AM

    When was the last time I DIDN'T listen to my gut?

    Although, to be honest, lately I'm wondering if I shouldn't be trusting it so much. Maybe I need to push past the gut feelings that make me somewhat reclusive on occasion? A flight risk in my job? A flight risk in my location?

    Or maybe not.

    In other news, if you don't want to invest in a new suitcase, you can always get a super bright, patterned ribbon (I recommend a wired one) and tie a giant bow on the front. It is SO helpful in a sea of black.


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