Jan 14, 2013

5 Ways to Break a Funk

Maria on Pier
Per your request, more honeymoon photos. Look at me trying to be all artistic and thoughtful. But really, I was just trying to make sure my dress wouldn't blow up in my face. 

I mentioned previously that one of my biggest fears with my career transition, (doesn't that have a much better ring to it than unemployed?) was all the down time I'd have on my hands as well as an identity crisis. I often thought, "Oh gosh, I hope no one asks me what I do, because I'd have to tell them nothing". So even though I am truly happy about finding my next career and have quite a few opportunities on the horizon, I still have my moments of weakness. They are fleeting moments, but I feel unmotivated, scared, and pessimistic from time to time.

And I've had to force myself out of those funks. Luckily, I've found a few things that work for me and hopefully for you, too. We all have those days. Whether its not wanting to work out, fighting the urge to grab fast food for dinner or simply feeling like you aren't accomplishing anything, these super simple tips hopefully can give you the boost you may need.

1. Follow @ShawnJohnson on Twitter. This is any easy one. Seriously, this girl is so motivating to me. Even though she's a top-notch Olympic gold medalist, she still has days where she needs to talk her self into going to the gym and posts a lot of great quotes and photos. And she's freaking cute as a button.

2. Set a timer for five minutes and get stuff done. Do exactly this. Set your kitchen timer for five minutes and do a complete pick up of your house, as much as you can in that time. For me, its about putting away our throw blankets, fluffing the couch pillows, wiping down the countertops, and putting dishes in the dishwasher. Clearing clutter is so healthy for me mentally and just spending this small amount of time doing this works wonders.

3. Prep your produce. The physical act of chopping veggies and fruit can be very therapeutic. I turn my Pandora to Jason Mraz, get my cutting board and knives ready, grab a garbage bowl (a lá Rachael Ray) and have at it. Not only does this clear my mind, but having all my produce prepped means I'll more than likely grab some washed grapes than potato chips while watching Downton.

4. Go for a walk. If you have a bit more time on your hands, a walk can do wonders. Nowadays, I opt for walks without music so I can think and mentally prepare for my next interview. Or, I grab my cellphone and catch up with my mom. She makes me feel better instantly.

5. Make yourself presentable. I used to think that dressing up for interviews was to impress your potential new employer, but what I've learned in my interview process lately, is that it's just as beneficial to the interviewee. Doing my hair, applying makeup, wearing some of my favorite pieces of clothing...it boosts my confidence like no other. So if I'm having a lazy afternoon and feel myself getting into a funk, I'll blow dry my hair and put on my favorite pair of skinny jeans and ballet flats and go do some errands. So simple, yet so effective.

So with that, I'm off to blow dry my hair, prep for my phone interview tomorrow and call my mom.

What are your ways of breaking a funk? 

I left out the obvious. We all know that chocolate cures all.


  1. These are great!! There is something about chopping that is therapeutic!

  2. Agreed! Making soup (aka chopping vegetables) is so strangely cathartic.

  3. Oh "the funk." I think I was there most of the two weeks of winter break, to be honest. Actually, I've been in and out of it for at least two MONTHS (as you know). I think running helps clear my mind, as does cooking. I have to admit, blog reading can sometimes do the opposite, so I often have to try and read less (compare myself to others less).

  4. You are one wise gal! I do the timer setting thing too...usually because I will clean in order to procrastinate other things...like studying for homework. But cleaning still has to be done so I time it! ;)

    I like the chopping vegetables idea. Usually that's one of those things on my to-do list that just feels like something else I need to get done. Thanks for the idea!

    Much love and good luck on the interviews! I hope you find something that makes you happy! <3

  5. I get that way about reading blogs too. Especially if I haven't posted for awhile I feel like a failure.


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