Jan 12, 2013


Wednesday was Brandon's 31st birthday. Every time I reminded him that he's 31 and will always be older than me, I thought he was going to kill me, but it was all in good fun. I was determined to make this birthday, which is often overlooked by the hoopla of Christmas and New Year's,  a very fun day for him. When and if we ever have a child, I shall be planning to never have it in the month of November, December or January. You can control that, right?

I bought him a FitBit back in December for his birthday gift. He received it early because:

  1. I saw him online about to purchase one. Doesn't everyone know that the cardinal rule of December is to NOT buy anything for yourself? (Only I can break that one).
  2. I wanted to compete with him right away. 

So even though he already had his gift, I did want to surprise him with a few other fun things that he needed.

  • Nerf football to take to the park and keep us young.
  • Chocolate straws because they are good.
  • Valentine's York peppermint patties because he loves the chocolate + mint pairing. 
  • Sharpie pens because they are cool. 
  • Goodie hair ties - for me. Consider them my birthday party favor.

I also stopped by one of my new favorite bakeries: Nothing Bundt Cakes.

If you have one of these in your city, please do yourself a favor and go there. Now. I know this statement might be blasphemy, but mini bundt cakes are the new gourmet cupcake. I'm a big fan of the cake to icing ratio. I might be crazy, but I like more cake than I do icing. Lookout Sprinkles. 

We tried the red velvet with cream cheese icing, white chocolate + raspberry and my personal favorite (as if you couldn't guess), lemon. It was the most moist out of the three. Also, I signed up for their email list and got one for free!

Brandon chose Chick Fil A for his birthday dinner. Yes, a fast food restaurant. Actually, his first choice was Long John Silvers (gag), but he changed his mind. I had no influence on his decision at all.... 

How much does he love Chick Fil A? Enough to order two entre├ęs. Boys and their metabolism. 

Today I'm off for a tea date with a friend and then spending most of the evening in my owl pajamas. It's freezing in California this week!

What are your weekend plans?

What's your best cake to icing ratio? I'm about a 70:30


  1. I used to always say I preferred icing, but you know, I've really come to appreciate cake. It has to be GOOD cake, though. With good crumb. I like good crumb. I think my favorite part of the cake is where the layers meet the frosting. That thin line of smudged togetherness.

    Also the bottom of the baking pan where the crumblies are. That's really my favorite.

    Sharpies are cool. I want the 80s Glam pack. Just because I do.

  2. Happy Birthday to your hubby!!!! :) Mine would pick Chick-fil-a too!


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