Dec 9, 2012

Sunday Confessions

Moorea, French Polynesia

1. I wear a sports bra to bed. And have since I was 12.

2. Sometimes, before I climb into bed at night, I do a little happy dance. Literally.

3. My husband uses our Vitamix more than I do, even though I was the one who just had to have it.

4. I don't want to admit this, but I really hate that we don't have a DVR right now. We're working on it. #firstworldproblems

5. On the weekends, I tend to sleep for nine hours a night. Getting up before 9am is a feat.

3 out of 5 of my confessions will always have to do with sleep. 


  1. I love these confessions. I would pay to see that happy dance. lol! I'm afraid that if I get a vitamix that I won't use it as much as I think I would.

  2. Haha happy dance because you're excited for sleep? I kind of do that when I get snuggled into bed but no one is watching and laughing at me. ;)

  3. Sarah @ The Smart KitchenDecember 10, 2012 at 4:47 AM

    The Vitamix situation sounds like the time I bought a juicer because I just HAD to have one. I used it twice. Luckily, I was somehow able to convince the company to take it back. [In the end, the four times I actually bought fresh juices I spent a WHOLE lot less money on them than the juicer. :)]

    Confession: Whenever I finish breakfast, I want to eat it over again.

    That's not really a bad thing, but I just wanted to share the state of my stomach.

    Confession: I could easily eat an entire jar of peanut butter with a spoon if you let me.

    I also just felt like sharing that. It's a good thing most of the nut butters I make now are for selling, which reduced my opportunity for consumption.

  4. You with nut butter = me with bbq chips. At least your "vice" is healthy.

    Specifically Martin's BBQ potato chips, which (thankfully?) they only sell on the East Coast. When I go home, my mom always has a fresh bag waiting for me.

  5. I used to use it sometimes twice a day for smoothies, but I smoothied myself out. I can't drink them anymore at all!

  6. I just sort of have the urge to jump up and down. And i get so excited that I'm about to crawl under the covers that I wake myself up and it takes me 30 minutes to fall asleep. best.feeling.ever though.

  7. Whaaaa- Sports bra to bed? Why?

    And enjoy the sleeping into 9. I miss it! <3

  8. Gosh, I don't know why I wear a bra to bed every night, but I do. And I'm the kind of girl who doesn't even need a bra at all...

    So weird. And now there are bra ads on my blog for writing about this. Nice.


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