Dec 17, 2012

My Fitbit Review

When I realized that despite the cortisone shot and despite the (boring) physical therapy exercises, my knees were going to take a few more months to heal properly, so I invested in a Fitbit. Walking seems to be one of the only cardio workouts that I can do these days without pain, so why not challenge myself with a pedometer?


I must admit, I was a little scared of getting this thing at first. I've seen people get a tad bit obsessed and I didn't want to fall down that slippery slope. But, I also know me and how much I enjoy stats and tracking. I figured this would be a great tool to keep up my motivation during an injury and I don't tend to have an obsessive nature (unless you ask my husband about shoes or cleaning...).

Here's what I love about the Fitbit:

1. Ease of use. So super easy to set up and use. It pretty much has a mind of its own, which is, in a way creepy (especially when I've been lazy and it tells me to move it), but you pretty much just put it on and you don't have to think about it. The only time I really need to mess with it is when I go to bed at night and I strap it on my wrist. Also, in case you are wondering, after a while (took me about two days), you forget it is there.

2. Competition. I'm not a competitive person by nature and realize that some people are just going to be better at things than I am (ahem, running, cartwheels, parallel parking). But when it comes to my husband, a little friendly competition is one of my favorite pastimes. Brandon has a Fitbit and you can bet that at random times of the day, we are checking out each others stats. For the record, I'm winning.

3. Sleep tracking feature. Again, this is creepy, but it tracks your movement at night and gives you a score for your sleep. I'm usually around the 94-96% range, which is good, considering my tiny bladder. I just like this feature for the stats, but do not consider it completely necessary. It doesn't help you get better sleep like it claims.

4. Motivation. Nothing gets me up off the couch when I get home at night. Really, nothing. Except the Fitbit. I remember one night last week where I couldn't find anything on TV and Brandon wasn't home yet, so I sat there wondering what to do. I grabbed my Kindle and headed to our apartment gym to read and walk on the treadmill (which, by the way, I find more entertaining than music - reading, that is). Forty-five minutes later, I had reached my step goal and was entertained throughout. Sweet.

5. Little things add up. The Fitbit is a great reminder that any extra movement during the day can add up. Choosing a far away parking spot. Taking the stairs. Talking mental health walk breaks. They all add up and they remind you that keeping active is very important, even if it's just walking. Also, the desire to clean my house has tripled. How's that for a win-win situation?

Overall, I would highly recommend it if you are lacking a bit of motivation to get moving. It's definitely an investment upfront ($100), but since I've put my gym membership on hold, it's pretty much paid for itself. There's also a cheaper version ($60), if you don't care much about the sleeping feature.

As much as I love the Fitbit for tracking my steps, I cannot wait to get back into more versatile workouts. Santa, if you could bring me some new knees this Christmas, I won't need anything else, except the Tieks. Still want those.

Oh and umm, I paid for this Fitbit myself and I actually bought another one for my husband, so I was in no way compensated for my review, so you can better believe it was a fair one.


  1. I spy our twin earrings!! I had the fitbit for like a month but didn't love. I just didn't feel like I got much out of it.

  2. Twinsies! Ha - Always makes me think of Shit Girls Say :)

    I think if I was back to my normal workout routines, I would have little use for a Fitbit as well, but sadly, walking is all I can handle.

  3. Sarah @ The Smart KitchenDecember 17, 2012 at 9:29 AM

    I have not desired a pedometer, but I HAVE been intrigued by the monitors that more accurately track your caloric needs. I find that with running I'm not doing the best job of adjusting based on my workouts.

    More importantly, however, I also find reading (or watching horrible--or horribly awesome?--reality TV) much more entertaining than music. I get bored otherwise. Perhaps this is why running on a treadmill doesn't work for me. I can't run and read.

  4. This is intriguing to me... I haven't been doing a lot of formal exercise, so I think I would like this to make sure I'm getting some activity in... ya know?? I'm like you though... I can take things overboard!

  5. How funny that I randomly stumbled on your blog as I was thinking about a FitBit yesterday. I had no idea it has the sleep feature. That's kind of weird. Hah ha.

    I have an app that tracks movement and actually helps me sleep, but I think the useful part of it is that you can track what you ate/activity/etc and it helps point out patterns that promote best sleep quality. It also gradually wakes you up when the app determines you are at the lightest (layer? that's not the word, but watev) of sleep and gradually wakes you up.

    I think I get frustrated and unmotivated if I don't track exactly what I do.


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