Nov 20, 2012


One more day of work. Four day weekend. Hang in there friends, we can get through this together. 

  1. We shopped on Sunday at Whole Foods for all the ingredients for Thanksgiving and groceries for the week. The bill kind of freaked us out at first, but then we remembered it was a holiday and all and we'd probably get a ton of meals out of the leftovers. $90 well spent. 
  2. I was going to write a follow up post on how my budgeting was going, but it basically boils down to this: shop with your husband. Impulse buys are magically put back on the shelf when you aren't looking. What a stinker. As for the record, we DO need egg nog ice cream. Going to Whole Foods on my way home tomorrow. 
  3. You know the whole "Follow your passion and the money will come" mantra? I'm beginning to think it's kind of nonsense...and this guy totally backs me up. One of these days, I shall write out out my thoughts on the topic. Today is not that day. 
  4. Whenever I lose faith in humanity, I just watch this video. I don't even like the SF Giants so I can't fully appreciate this, but no matter, it just warms my heart. 
  5. I don't want to toot my own horn here, but I'm ridiculously lucky when it comes to blogger giveaways. So much in fact that I sometimes don't even enter them because I want to give others a chance. But, I kind of wanted to win a Bulu Box from Amanda's blog, so I entered and I did. And it's awesome...filled with all natural supplements, protein powder and even my favorite brand of natural toothpaste. Very cool!
  6. I decorated for Fall/Harvest season. If by decorate you mean buy a bag of rustic balls from World Market and a pear candle (which actually ended up giving me a bad headache and is now on our balcony until I throw it away or give it away). Anyone want a pear scented candle? Darn you perfume allergies. 

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. My sister has those same rustic balls! So cute.

  2. Sarah @ The Smart KitchenNovember 29, 2012 at 5:35 AM

    This post made me chuckle.

    Well, OK, I would have if my students weren't taking a test and I would be afraid to mess them up.

    I need a husband to put my impulse purchase back. Or remove my fingers from the keyboard in online health food stores...


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