Nov 1, 2012

More Life, Lately

Phew. A lot has been happening since my last post.

I went to New York City for a business trip / birthday celebration / weekend with the husband.

Central Park New York City

I have big plans to write a post about our trip and give some restaurants and touristy reviews, but then again, this one photo might have to suffice for summarizing the trip. I can say that it was a fabulous. I love that city. I loved seeing Mary Poppins on Broadway. I also loved how it made me appreciate living in California.

[We got one of the last planes out of NYC before JFK shut down I'll always be so grateful for that. My heart is with all of those in NYC and beyond who were affected by the storm. My Mom and rest of the family in Virginia were very lucky and only had a little window pane break in Sandy's wrath.]

Sadly, my precious dog Maggie, who lives with my Mom, passed away on Saturday.

Maggie and I

I remember getting Maggie in high school. She was born in November at a shelter and we picked her up just in time for Christmas. Since it was so cold, we bought her a fleece baby blanket and I carried her around like an infant. Our little Maggie had a great life, but we are sad to see her go and will miss her so much. Rest in peace, sweet girl.

I turned 29. Also on Saturday. 

After my business meetings in New York, Brandon and I decided to stay for the weekend to celebrate my birthday. To be honest with you, despite the fact that I got to celebrate in the city, with my favorite person, and in a nice hotel, I spent most of it sobbing uncontrollably about Maggie and forcing a smile on my face when I wasn't crying.

We did get to visit Central Park that day, which was gorgeous, and Brandon treated me to a really nice steak dinner at Club A Steakhouse on 58th and 2nd. Amazing meal and even more amazing ambiance. I swear I thought I was on a movie set.

To cheer me up even further, Brandon surprised me with some new jewelry that he found on my Pinterest boards. He may not be into Pinterest as a user, but he said gift shopping has never been easier :)

Birthday Jewelry

I haven't worn the necklace yet, but I've gotten so many compliments on the earrings already. Dangly earrings are my new favorite accessory.

So I'm hoping to get some more posts up this weekend about New York and my new workout routine that I'm absolutely loving. It's definitely a 180 of what I'm used to doing...

City or Country? Somewhere in Between?

While I heart NYC so much, I could never live there. Too much noise, traffic, and craziness.

I happen to love suburbia or small town life. I like being close to great grocery stores, Target, and living in a quiet, walkable neighborhood and umm, being able to easily drive my car. Shoot, I'll be honest, it's an SUV - total suburbian here. Sounds about right now that I'm almost 30, huh?


  1. You are an awesome friend and let's leave it at that :)

    I think it totally depends on the city and I'm sure Austin has a certain Texas charm that is most likely lacking in NYC. And there are food trucks. Big difference.

  2. woohoooo we have the same pink earrings!! so pretty. happy birthday!

  3. Thank you!

    I'm pretty sure I saw those earrings from one of your posts (though I could be delusional and that's not true) and immediately pinned them. They make me feel so girly. I like that.

  4. Sarah @ The Smart KitchenApril 7, 2013 at 4:46 PM

    I'm so sorry about your pup. :( I'm also sorry to be a horrific friend and forget your birthday! Please forgive. I'll make it up to you when we FINALLY (I hope, pray, wish) see each other in Virginia this winter.

    I'm with you. I like the idea of NYC, but I also get overwhelmed easily. However, I was just fine in I think it depends on the city, really.


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