Nov 9, 2012

Fa La La La List

I know. It's only November and Thanksgiving is still a few weeks away, but I kind of love Christmas, so you are getting a Christmas post. 

Every Christmas season I tell myself that I'm going to get my shopping done early, decorate our apartment with more than a tiny tabletop tree, and send out Christmas cards. And suddenly, it's December 20th and I'm thanking God for Amazon Prime's two day shipping.

While keeping the true meaning of Christmas at heart of course, I often get overwhelmed with the season and don't get to sit back and enjoy all it has to offer. So this year I'm getting organized. I'm making a list and checking it more than twice, because I really do need to stick to it.

Christmas To Do List 2012

maria stocking pottery barn

  • Buy monogrammed stockings. Pottery Barn is offering free shipping and monogramming on select stockings from now until Monday, November 12th. I choose the ivory stockings with gold print for both Brandon and I. 
  • Order and mail out Christmas cards. I intend on doing this every year and you guessed it, it never happens, but by golly, I will send out Christmas cards this year. 
  • Buy a larger faux Christmas tree. We don't have a lot of space for a larger one, but we can rearrange the furniture if we have to. Our current one is teeny tiny now and we have more ornaments than we do free tree space. 
  • Go scope out Christmas lights in the neighborhood. When I was a child, we'd pile into my aunt's van, turn up the holiday tunes and drive all around town looking at Christmas lights. If we'd especially like the display, we'd honk and cheer. Even though its just Brandon and I out here in CA, there's no reason for me to not carry on this tradition. Any local friends want to join us? We'll get some hot chocolate from Peet's, cookies from Susie's and it should be good times! :)
  • Don't wait until December 23rd to finish my shopping. It's hard shopping for relatives on the East Coast when you live on the West Coast, so I need to start planning now and shipping the gifts to my mom to hold until we land in Virginia on the 22nd. She might even wrap them for me because she's nice like that. 
  • Watch the following movies with Brandon: Christmas Vacation, The Family Stone, Garfield's Christmas Special, A Christmas Story, White Christmas, Miracle on 34th Street, and It's a Wonderful Life. Yup, going to be a total couch potato this season. 
  • Give.  Tis the season. Brandon and I alway snag a name or two off my office tree to buy gifts for needy children. We also have plans to volunteer at the soup kitchen and collect some sleeping bags for the homeless. 

While writing this post, I got distracted on Tiny Prints and am now designing our Christmas cards. I will follow up with a new post so you can help me decide! Or...I'll be impulsive and just buy them. But will share anyways!

What's one Christmas tradition that you want to incorporate this season?


  1. I am so bad at waiting until the last minute to do my shopping... I have GOT to change that!!!
    I have never seen A Christmas Story before... crazy right?

  2. I love buying a few new ornaments each year so I got a headstart and ordered a "our first christmas" ornament. Spoiler alert: it's two turtles hugging, with santa hats on. It'll have our wedding date and names and it's cheesy and I LOVE IT.

  3. it's so easy to procrastinate the gift giving...especially when I find that people are so hard to buy for and I want to find that perfect gift!

    A Christmas Story is interesting...kind of goofy, but a family classic, so we always watch it. I enjoy it because it depicts a simpler time...back in the 1940's I believe.

  4. That sounds adorable and perfect. Christmas is all about the cheese factor!

    I ordered our "wedding" ornament from Etsy after Christmas last year. It's the state of Virginia with a heart on Harrisonburg (where our wedding was) and 9.10.11. I kind of what to display it all year...


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