Nov 15, 2012

Deeps Thoughts

1. I saw my orthopedic doctor last week who jabbed a giant needle of cortisone in my knee. You'll feel a little bit of pressure here, he tells me. Pressure, my dear doctor friend, is not the same thing as pain.  Deep, intense, I'm-holding-my-breath-pain. It hurt. Still does. I'm a wimp.

2. So it looks like I'm making Thanksgiving dinner for two again this year. We were going to go to Hawaii, but those crazy hotels jacked the prices up like it's a holiday or something. I plan to share my menu with you soon. It includes two pumpkin pies. One for each of us. Take that, Hawaii.

3. I watch The Walking Dead with a blanket held halfway over my face while I beg Brandon to tell me what's going during the scary/gross/eating parts. Despite this, I still think it's a greatest show on TV right now. Until January when Downton Abbey comes back on.

4. I got my haircut for the first time since last December. My hairstylist was appalled by this, but  shocked that I didn't have any split ends. Suave shampoo my friends. I grew up on it.

5. Christmas cards are ordered. We're buying a new tree this weekend and I have Candy Cane green tea. Now we just need 96.5 to start playing nonstop Christmas music and the season is official.

6. I'm thisclose to doing the accent vlog. So shy. So scared. Yet, so wanting to fit in.

How often do you get your haircut?


  1. Hawaii for Thanksgiving? I am so jealous. I usually cut my hair every 8-10 weeks. Yes, i'm obsessed. DO THE ACCENT VLOG!

  2. Haha. We were going to go to Hawaii, but its the price of a small car, so we decided to stay home and cook.

    I need your hair cutting discipline. I did go ahead and book another appointment...let's see if I keep it.

  3. Wait. Has the accent vlog become a thing? I only saw it once. How do these things spread so fast? Maybe I am reading the wrong blogs. Maybe I should actually be reading more than the blogs of my actual friends (i.e. people who I have met in real life because of blogging).

    Also, I just placed an order online for 3 of the 5 holiday Celestial Seasonings teas because I can't find them in stores. I have ordered online holiday tea. This is about as low as calling my mom (because I am 28 years old and that is normal) and begging her to find more Trader Joe's Pumpkin Spice Coffee for me...FIX THIS MOM!!!

    The year I couldn't get home for Thanksgiving while living in Austin I made sweet potato casserole and then decided to save it at home for myself rather than take it to the potluck I was going to. Ain't no thang.

    I have three bottles of Suave hair products in my shower right now.

  4. The accent blog was big a while back, but Brittany (Delights and Delectables just did it and oh my gosh, she's so cute. You must go watch because you will just want to reach through the screen and hug her.

    I got my tea from TJ's! But I HAVE ordered holiday tea in the mail before. I collect teas like most people collect wine. Moms are seriously the best, right? I'm 29 and call mine twice a day and email her and send her photos of my outfits to see which ones I should wear.

    I like the rosemary and mint one Sauve. Mmm.

  5. cute hair cut!!
    okay, i'm the biggest needle-phobe too so don't feel bad! BUT at least u kno that needle pain is worth it and ur knee should be feeling better soon. :)

  6. Thank you! I'm not normally that scared of needles, but I might be now since it was pretty painful! Still traumatized!

    Thanks for visiting my site - I love seeing new faces around here :)

  7. Boo for large needles hurting more than they are supposed to!!

    Dave watches the walking dead and is OBSESSED! But the one scene I saw was a gross zombie attacking someone and seriously I am not good with gore.

    You should do the vlog...and I watched Brittany's and I knew it was going to be adorable but omigosh I LOVE southern accents! I might do one to see if anyone thinks I have one because I don't think I do lol.

  8. PLEASE do the accent vlog!! I beg you! I'm with you on that cortisone shot! I couldn't walk right for a couple days!

  9. Seriously, no topping Brittany's. I want to pull her through the computer screen and give her bear hugs. I'll do it one day when I get up the nerve.

    Dave has good taste and trust me, it's not all gore, there are love stories in it! During the gore parts, I hide.

  10. I'm glad I'm not the only one! At first I thought, why in the world did I get that shot? But the knee is doing a bit better each day, so hooray for that!


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