Oct 17, 2012

Life, Lately

You thought I had forgotten about this blog, hadn't you? Okay, well, I sort of did there for a little while.  So here's little life check-in, if you will.


  • I just got back from my favorite place ever, Colorado. We, along with some friends, took a long weekend trip to Breckenridge and Colorado Springs. It was glorious. I added the Zillow App to my phone and annoyingly pointed out how much each house cost while simultaneously begging Brandon to buy me a vacation home there. The type of vacation home we live in all year long. He wasn't buying it (pun fully intended). I still have loads of photos to sort through and you know how I am with that, so here's to hoping that I get those up before 2013. 
  • Speaking of 2013, Blend is back! It is taking place in Park City, Utah and I'm crossing my fingers and toes that I'll be able to make it. Since this lady and this lady are probably going to be there, you bet I'll be doing everything I can to make it work. 
apple crisp
  • I'm actually following my Fall Bucket List! I'm kind of in shock as I never follow my goals precisely. I take them as mere suggestions. I crossed off "make an apple crisp" the other night. I should have also made the goal of "eat an entire apple crisp in two days", because then I would have met two goals!
  • Not everything is all hunky dory though - I'm still in a huge fight with my knee. It's winning. I'm losing. I went to see a physical therapist last week and have some new exercises to try. He said it could take months for it to be 100% again. Ah well, if this is my only complaint, then life is pretty darn good, right?
  • It's getting close to being official - my mom is selling the house I (and all my brothers) grew up in. I refuse to believe it until I see it. If things go according to plan, then this Christmas will be the last one in my childhood home. Excuse me while I go into a corner and sob. In all seriousness though, I'm happy for her and excited to make new memories in her new home. 
  • I'm heading to New York City next week for business...and bringing Brandon along. We are going to see Mary Poppins (he's obviously thrilled), eat authentic New York pizza, maybe camp out in front of Shake Shack, and drool over the Christmas displays at Macy's (please let them be up!). Oh and celebrate my 29th birthday! The last time we were in NYC, we were broke college students staying in a hostel that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. This time, our hotel room will actually have a private bath. Movin' on up. 

So, what's new with you? 


  1. Thanks for the life update! Are we going to be able to see each other in December???

    Also, we need to figure out how to make Blend happen. What will I do without you there with me???? Probably get lost on a mountain.

    But I bet I would find a bathroom. (Although you could be my lucky charm. What if you are?)

    Don't feel bad about the apple crisp. At least you don't eat half a jar of peanut butter in one sitting.


  2. I have been missing you!! You better believe I am going to try to be there! It will be my 5 year anniversary, so I might be bringing the hubby along! ;) I wish we could see each other while you are on the East Coast. I think we need to skype soon! I miss you!


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