Oct 2, 2012

Instagram Dump: Stuff I Like Edition Two

I feel like these Instagram dump posts are sort of a cop-out. Like using Cliff Notes. Or taking the elevator up one flight of stairs. They don't require me using my brain to formulate a sincere and informative post.

And that, my friends, is why I like them so much!

I give you Instagram Dump: Stuff I Like Edition Two.

the weather

{ Indian Summer } I don't even think it got this hot in July here. For the record, we were up to 92 stinking degrees yesterday. This photo was taken in the mid-morning. Actually, now that I think about it, I'm not quite sure I like this. Fall should be about cozy sweaters, flannel PJs and hot chocolate. Not sunburns and air conditioning. Get it together, Bay Area.

yoga meltdown

{ Jillian Michael's Yoga Meltdown }  My yoga studio (if you can call it that anymore) decided to only offer three yoga classes a week. Two are during the workday and the other is on Saturday morning. Not happening. So I brought Jillian home yesterday. As you would expect, Jillian's yoga is no nonsense. I've never gotten such an intense yoga workout in 30 minutes. I was sweating like crazy (see above) and there may have been some grunting involved (planks make me primal).  Look at me completing my Fall Bucket List like a champ.

the melt

{ The Melt, Stanford, California } Brandon and I went to Crate and Barrel at the Stanford Mall on Saturday to look for furniture. We have 10 (no joke) giftcards we've hoarded from the store and I'm just itching to buy a nice piece of furniture with them. We didn't end up buying anything (so cheap, so afraid to commit).  So where was a I going here...oh, grilled cheese. You guys. I can't even describe how happy this restaurant makes me feel. You choose a grilled cheese sandwich, a cup of homemade soup and they even serve it with my two favorite side items; dill pickles and potato chips. I shared this corn chowder and jalapeno + bacon grilled cheese with Brandon and we both said we could have totally gotten our own. Next time. There will be many next times, I assure you.

Also, all of their containers (beside the metal basket, obviously) are compostable.


  1. I like this style of post! I really wish there was The Melt by me!!!

  2. I'm loving the warm weather and that food looks delish!

  3. I'll take your heat... It is going to be a high of 57 this weekend here! :(

  4. I want that pickle.

    And to tell you that I, too, hoard gift cards and then try to use them but am afraid to commit to anything. For some reason I cannot get over the fact that I'm NOT ACTUALLY SPENDING ANY MONEY. It's like knowing that you have 'free money' is better than actually using it.


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