Sep 12, 2012

Instagram Dump: Stuff I Like Edition

full circle csa

{Full Circle CSA} I won the Full Circle giveaway on Courtney's blog and immediately signed up for the service. I love how they deliver the produce the night before so that when I wake up on Tuesday mornings, there's fresh veggies and fruit at my door.

I also really like my Toms Ballet Flats. I choose most of my clothing by asking myself "Would Audrey Heburn wear this?" I believe she would embrace the Toms movement.

bare minerals

{bareMinerals} I have been a loyal Mary Kay fan since college, but now that my friend stopped selling it, I figured I'd give bareMinerals a shot. And I like it. A lot. I don't need a lot of coverage (thank you Mom for blessing me with nearly flawless skin) so the Mineral Veil is perfect for me. It lightens my skin and evens it out without making it feel like I'm wearing makeup. Good gosh, I sound like the infomercial. But trust me, this stuff is awesome. Oh and the eye shadow (Wearable Brown Medium) was an impulse buy, but I totally love it as well. They taught me how to apply it correctly and now my eyes pop. Next on the list: their mascara and sunscreen.

California Stanislaus National Forest

{Stanislaus National Forest, California} Move over, Yosemite. There's another national forest in town (hantavirus-free) and it's pretty dang gorgeous. We took a little weekend trip to celebrate the anniversary and drove through here. Car sickness aside, this drive is one of my favorites in California.

Black Cherry Ice Cream

{Black cherry ice cream} Needs no explanation. Friends, the froyo movement is over. Real ice cream wins every time. Treat yourself.

bareMinerals fans out there? What product should I try next?

Froyo or real ice cream?


  1. That's so awesome that you won a CSA subscription! I've always wanted to sign up for one.

    I'm actually going to have to say fro yo over ice cream because there is only one brand of ice cream that I can eat (Chapman's) because of my nut allergies - and that brand doesn't have a lot of flavours. I much prefer going out for fro yo and getting a huge variety of flavours! I'm lucky enough to have 2 fro yo shops in my town that have nut-free fro yo!

    1. Oh wow. Definitely sorry to hear that you can't enjoy any old ice cream you want...but at least there is nut-free froyo! More ice cream companies need to cater to nut allergies!

  2. I want your flats!! So cute!! Bare minerals made me itch... is that odd?? I use Jane Iredale now, and I love it... just not the price tag! I am all about the coconut milk ice cream!

    1. Oh wow. I've never heard of bareMinerals making you itch, but I'm glad you found something that works for you! Oooh, I love coconut milk ice cream as well!

  3. I'll take my frozen desserts in any form.

    The fro yo hurts my tummy. I don't know about real ice cream because I haven't had any in a year.

    Oh wait, except for that homemade peanut butter cup ice cream I made at the beach this summer. Which I ate. And suffered for...and it was worth every bite. :)


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