Sep 16, 2012

Fall Bucket List 2012

I have always loved the change of seasons, but my favorite is when summer turns to fall. I guess it's mostly because fall is so dang gorgeous and consists of my favorite holidays: Thanksgiving, followed by Christmas. And if that isn't enough reason, my birthday is in October. I start anticipating it in September. And I also start watching Christmas movies in September. You know you want to.

Tonight's Christmas feature: The Family Stone. Best movie house, ever.

Back to the topic.

Henry Coe State Park (19)

My Fall Bucket List

Standard Goal/Project/List Disclaimer: I will make this list, look at it a handful of times, and probably complete a mere 20% of it. Can't say I didn't try though. 
  1. Take more walks outside, preferably at sunset
  2. Get back into yoga, go at least once a week
  3. Make an apple crisp, serve it with vanilla ice cream
  4. Work from a coffee shop one morning or afternoon
  5. Replace my evening cereal snack with a cup of hot tea
  6. Go to a live football game
  7. 35 push ups
  8. Go for a long drive, just because, with no particular place to go
  9. Wake up before 8am 9am on Sundays
  10. Do not, under any circumstances, let one single piece of produce from my new CSA box go to waste
Favorite thing about fall? 


  1. I can't wait for christmas either!! Fall is a fabulous time in the year!! I really really want to watch christmas movies but I save it for late november to christmas :D What are your favorite christmas movies?

    1. Hi Simone! Oh gosh, where do I begin with Christmas movies? Of course, there are the classics: White Christmas, It's a Wonderful Life and Miracle on 34th Street. And then there's the quirky ones: Christmas Vacation, Elf, and A Christmas Story. I also love The Family Stone (see above) and The Holiday. I could go on and on and on :) Oh, I forgot the cartoon Christmas movies... :)

  2. I love hiking in the fall... and bonfires!!! Love bonfires!

  3. Can I just copy and paste your list into my fall to do list? It's pretty much exactly what I want to do. Twins? Perhaps.

    1. Haha, I believe we are, though I am pretty sure H has you up waaay before 9am on Sundays!

  4. 35 pushups!? I can't even do ONE!! hahaha

  5. AMEN to not letting produce go to waste. :) I constantly think I need to replace my nighttime cereal snack (and my nighttime peanut butter snack) with something else...but instead I have just ADDED the cup of tea to it. I figure I'm running a lot I need the carbs and protein and fat right?

    Remember when we came back from Blend and I was totally going to get into yoga? Right...


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